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Friday, December 23, 2005
I have to start with the super terrific completely and totally awesome news of the week. After sending an email to my editor at Soak just to ask when the new issue should be arriving he hit me back to say that not only should I be receiving my copies very soon, but those copies, along with every other issue hitting newsstands all over the US, will feature my interview with Paige Peterson as the cover story!!! This is huge and I’m completely ecstatic about it. I’ll scan the cover and post it once I have the issue.

Speaking of beautiful women, I came home from grocery shopping the other day with a funny story about one. Once in a while there will be a complete hottie doing her shopping at the same time I am. For me this is the perfect way to check out where a girl’s head is at. If her cart is filled with crap I wouldn’t touch I probably won’t be attempting to touch her either. If her cart is filled with all sorts of healthy goodness, on the other hand, it’s time to make a move. Well, yesterday I saw a hottie with an ass that was simply out of this world doing some shopping. We passed each other in a few isles and her cart looked pretty decent so I slowed down to speak with her when she passed. Before she could pass me, however, she stopped in front of an isle and said a one word question that had me scurrying for the checkout line. "Dad?" Oh yes, she was there with her father, obviously helping with the grocery shopping while on high school vacation. I was slightly mortified that I had almost hit on her, but only slightly, because that ass was nice.

Continuing with the idea of being mortified, last night I went to Bravo with a group of friends and ended up seeing the gayest battle ever. One of the guys from our group spotted someone who happened to have a bow tie. He called him out, saying it was a clip on. Turned out it wasn’t and the two went on to battle over, get this, the art tying a bow tie. After a minute or so I turned to one of the girls in our group and just said "this has to be the gayest battle ever." The battle was almost one-upped in gaiety, however, when they then went on to battle over yo-yo tricks. If they had gotten any gayer after that it would have simply been about who could give the better blowjob.

Last, but certainly not least, my Top Ten Albums of 2005 is up at RapReviews.com. So far I’ve gotten a few emails from people who were shocked to see Little Brother and Kanye West were left off my list. Well, that’s because I didn’t like what they put out this year. My list isn’t a fan boy list either, though one person pushed hard, sending nearly half a dozen emails telling me I should add his favorite MC to my top ten. This got me thinking, being on press lists numbs a person a bit to the idea of wanting an album to be good, it puts a lot of albums on the same level before one listens to them because, since there was no investment in the album, there are no expectations. When one buys an album, however, they will put that album on expecting it to be hot, why else would they have forked over their hard earned money for it? So while some may disagree with my list I want everyone to realize there was no bias in how I compiled it, I listened to a ton of album this year and the ten I chose were the ones that stuck with me, the ones that garnered repeat plays and the ones that I’ll continue to rock into 2006.

That’s all for now. Happy Holidays everyone!
posted by Adam Bernard @ 5:19 PM  
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