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Friday, September 09, 2005
I don’t know when, or how, it happened, but I’ve turned into one of them.... the karaoke people! (cue the scary music) Last night I was back at SBC frantically searching the book of song choices for something that could at least equal the insanity that was last week’s performance of "At A Medium Pace." I would venture all the way to the back of the book before finding my tune for the night, but when I saw it typed out there I knew I had to give it a go. Up on stage (so to speak) I went to perform Weird Al’s "Amish Paradise," and yes, I rocked the house.

In the past month or so I’ve noticed something about the karaoke crowd, karaoke brings out three kinds of people. First you have the people who can actually sing. Those lucky few are always a joy to have on the mic. At one point last night two girls were singing and we honestly thought it was a CD. Then you have the people who can’t sing, but think they can. These folks are usually a pain because they’ll take on a song they have no business trying and rather than trying to have fun they attempt to impress everyone. The third category of people is the one I fall into, the people who can’t sing, but know it. They’ll usually pick something funny to sing or something they know will sound awful coming from them. These types of karaoke people can be pretty fun.

After singing ability, song selection is the most important aspect of karaoke. If you can sing and move people with your voce, belt out a classic, be it an oldie or something modern. If you want to choose a rap song be sure you know how to catch and ride a beat. Nothing’s worse than hearing someone read lyrics off beat. You’re not the RZA or E-40, you can’t get away with that! Personally, since I can’t sing, I like picking humorous songs that people may have forgotten about. Those type of songs usually get a great reaction from the crowd (heck, someone even high fived me after "Amish Paradise") and nobody cares if your voice is wack.

I’ve already picked out my song for next Thursday. It’s a crazy crazy tune, so if you think I’m a dork on the radio, just wait till you experience me live! I openly invite ya’ll to roll through to Southport Brewing Company next Thursday to check it out (and to buy me a drink if you like, lol).

I’m glad I’m having my fun on Thursday nights because now that football has started up again my weekends are going to become a little more tight. I will, of course, have my traditional 8+ hours of nonstop football on Sunday (including pre and post game shows), and you know I’ll be in front of the TV whenever Hofstra gets blessed with coverage (pre season top 25 and a new logo!). To add to that, this weekend I have a few DVD’s to watch so I can hook up FreeHipHopNow with another installment of the DVD Diary. I’m also looking to fit a date into my weekend at some point, as well. Sleep is so overrated.
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