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Down With The Sickness
Friday, July 22, 2005
Other than the fact that I feel like I’m dying everything is going pretty well. I have a pretty tough immune system and only get sick once every couple of years, but I’m sick now and it sucks. The only good things about it are that I’m going to bed earlier, actually getting some sleep, and I know I won’t be sick again for a while. Despite feeling like crap, however, I’ve still been out and about, making connections and working as much as I possibly can.

Wednesday night I was back at The Acoustic Cafe for a friend’s show. The show was an open mic night, which means you get some really talented acts and some really horrible acts. This is where I believe we all need to live by Chaundon’s song "Boo Dat Nigga," where he implores us all to boo any artist who hits the stage and is wack. There was one female singer who was so flat it was painful to listen to but the crowd gave her a round of applause after she was done anyways. On the flip side there was one slightly shy poet who was fantastic, so you take the bad with the good at open mic events.

A few more good things happened that night. I picked up the CD recordings from The Cut and listened to them as soon as I got home. They’re awesome. I still have to put them on my computer and track them, though, because right now they’re two CD's, each with one giant 75 minute track. In addition to the CD’s I also linked up with a woman who had been at The Cut, loved it, and wants to help promote it. I also received a call from a friend the other day saying he had a blast at the show and I should be proud, so I guess we are developing a heck of a positive buzz.

On In Da Mixx this week we also got a call from someone who had been at The Cut and loved it. All the positive vibes that are being thrown my way in regards to the show have me feeling great about it. I wasn’t sure how it was going while we were actually doing the show, and I’m unusually hard on myself when it comes to anything work-related, but it really seems like it was a positive experience for everyone there, which is really all anyone can ask for. Hearing the show again on CD also reminded me of what a great time it was and how amazing the performers were.

In Da Mixx was also blessed with a new intro this week thanks to P. Hallow of Dark Waters Entertainment. We’d been rockin the same intros for a while and Hallow noticed this so he penned a dope two minute spot for the show. I can’t stress this enough if you’re a local artist, or simply an unsigned artist looking to get your name out, doing intros for radio shows is, by far, the best way to get heard an a regular basis. It shocks me how few artists actually do this because it’s easy and it’s guaranteed spins.

Last, but certainly not least, I put together a new website for Tuesday Nights on WVOF called, appropriately enough, Tuesday Nights. The site will feature playlists and news from In Da Mixx and Subways & Sidewalks and features a right hand sidebar with links to all the interesting stuff on our message board. I’m looking forward to seeing how the site develops as the months pass.
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