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Monday, May 09, 2005
Despite wanting to go out and grab a drink this weekend I ended up staying in and writing up three articles. Part of me is happy that I got the work done but another part of me really wishes I had gotten out and been social. This week I’m focusing on pitching those interviews, along with all the others. Through saying yes to way too many people I’ve developed a backlog of unsold interviews that I really need to start moving. If I could sell a third to half of what I’ve got sitting on my desk I’d be set for the month (depending on the publication). The good news is I think quite a few of them should be in demand, so hopefully I’ll get myself a few more clips out of this stack of work.

This morning I had a great conversation with Prince Paul, a man who I view as a Hip-Hop legend that far too many people sleep on. For those who need the history lesson, Paul produced De La Soul’s Three Feet High and Rising album, was a member of the Gravediggaz, created Handsome Boy Modeling School and just released an album full of dope beats called Itstrumental. Paul and I seemed to be on the same wavelength during a good portion of the interview, which was nice. Sometimes an artist won’t laugh at a corny joke, but Paul ran with them and we got off on some hilarious tangents that will never make any article but gave me a good idea of the type of person he is. I hope to connect with Paul on a variety of things in the future.

Believe it or not life hasn’t been all work. As some of you may have noticed, I changed my blog pic. The new pic features me getting some, ahem, help, yeah that’s it, help from my editorial assistant, LOL! Also, when you’re cooped up at home for a weekend your mind tends to wander a bit. I found a few interesting quotes online that don’t even need to be taken out of context to be funny. First I saw "mom we learned how to make meth today in school," in an article that talked about a school science class that would have inspired me to work much harder in the subject back in the day. Believe me, if my teachers had showed me how to make meth I’m pretty sure I would have gotten higher grades in science. Look what I did for extra credit, sir, I cooked up some crack!

It was also a weekend of learning for me as I found out seagulls are dirty whores that kill penguins with STD’s and "it's hard to put a price on Britney Spears' urine." Isn’t learning great? The latter quote came from a representative from Golden Palace Casino (make your own easy urination / golden shower joke here) after they purchased what may be Spears’ urinated on pregnancy test. Let me just say if you ever and I mean EVER think about spending money on another human being’s urine it’s time to lean in and take one for the team, the team being the human race. Wanting to buy another person’s pee is a surefire sign that Darwin is calling you and you’re really not needed here. If we were meant to be a community of pee peddlers I think it would have happened by now. In a related story R. Kelly’s looking for a deal with Golden Palace right this very second.

Fantasy Update: The weekend saw me vault into second place in my league for the time being. I say for the time being because I always seem to have three of my pitchers pitch on the same day, so I rack up all my pitching stats at once, then slide back to normalcy as the week progresses. The good news is I had a three win day on Sunday and the day before saw Roberto Hernandez pick up a save. I also snagged Jamie Carroll off the waiver wires since he’ll be taking over for Jose Vidro while Vidro’s on the DL. It’s a very temporary fix for a spot in my lineup that needs some help.

While it’s all well and good to be in second place right now, I’m really more used to spending the first half of the baseball season in the middle of the pack and then slowly climbing up to first after the all-star break. It’s my normal pattern. Of course I’m not about to be mad at being in second at this point in the season, I just have to make sure I stay there and take first place later on in the year, never letting it go.
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