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Bringin Da Noise
Monday, May 23, 2005
Noise Noise Noise. The people below me are redoing their bathroom and it's taking forever. It's like a constant earthquake with the ground shaking and they keep having to turn off the water for my half of the building. The plumber is nice enough about it, but I dread hearing a knock at my door because I know it means I won’t be able to use the bathroom for a few hours. And while the plumber is nice, the other day he said something to me that reached new levels of stupidity and I think he knew it the second he said it. I was asked to turn my water to the on position even though it was shut off. I guess it helped facilitate something they were doing. I was fine with this until he said it would be a few hours before I could turn it off and I would know when by the fact that the water would start flowing. This being the middle of the day I was going to head out in a bit and I told him this. This was when he decided to ask me to leave my door unlocked so he could come in to turn my sink on and off. This was quickly followed by "I know you don’t know me but I’m really trustworthy." Yeah, suuuuuuure. I don’t even care if you have references that’ll back that up, no way am I leaving my door unlocked.

Anyways, the past handful of mornings I’ve been awoken by noises that have been so loud they might as well be working in my place. It sucks, but man do I ever have ammo if anyone ever complains about my music.

Speaking of the joys of working at home, I must be watching too much Trading Spaces, While You Were Out and Extreme Makeover Home Edition because in June I'm redoing my whole place to give myself a more official looking home office that I can have meetings in. It's high time I make it so people can start coming to me rather than me going everywhere. Yeah yeah I know, I’ve said this before, but this time I’m serious. Also, this time I have a new desk coming my way, which is huge on the inspiration tip. To add to that I hope to be hosting quite a few meetings in the coming months and I need an office that looks ridiculously professional so people will know I am ridiculously professional as well. Sad to say but appearances are everything, at least at first.

This past weekend I took it easy. I watched my Mets and attempted to fix an old laptop. Turns out my laptop from college, despite having next to no memory and no CD drive, still kinda sorta works. The little blue touch sensitive mouse in the middle of the keyboard doesn’t work anymore but I found that if I hook up a mouse to the laptop everything is fine. The lack of memory doesn’t bother me too much since all I’d be using it for would be writing and possibly connecting to the net if I ever took a vacation again. I already have an ethernet card for it, too, so I’m golden anyplace that’s wired. Maybe one day I’ll finally write that best selling book.

Fantasy Update: The best laid plans.... occasionally they fall flat. In the case of JD Closser being some sort of late round savior at Catcher, they really, and I mean really fell flat. How are you going to hit under the Mendoza line while playing at Coors Field? I surfed the waiver wire this weekend and found a lot of NA guys and DL guys, but finally, as if a light shined down from, well, purgatory, there was Gary Bennett, my new savior at Catcher. Well, maybe he’s not a savior, but at least he won’t stink up the joint quite as badly as Closser. I also picked up Dodger prospect Antonio Perez in hopes that he will take over at Third Base for them and either become a starter for me, or trade bait. The life of a fantasy baseball addict. Gotta love it.
posted by Adam Bernard @ 7:05 PM  
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