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Cold As Ice
Friday, January 21, 2005
Actually it’s colder than ice, if that’s even possible. Tuesday night when I drove to the radio show, a short seven minute jaunt, my car refused heat up. Normally it only takes a few minutes for that little arrow to get off the "C" so I can turn on the heat, but on that fateful night, it was not in the cards. Unfortunately, in my haste to get to the studio I neglected to put on gloves. Yes that’s right, I put on two jackets because I knew it was cold, but my hands, those things I earn a living with, let’s not bother to protect them. So I was driving in five degree weather with no gloves on. As soon as I got to the campus center (which is where the radio station is located) I rushed up the stairs to the coffee shop to get some tea. The girl behind the counter took one look at me and said "you look freezing!" She was right, I was. In fact, I could barely feel my hands. She could have thrown hot water at me and I would have been fine with it.

The radio show that night turned out to be great. I had a small suspicion that it would being that Conscious was one of the guests and my boy Dyalekt came through, as well. I think we ended up with seven people in the studio that night. Thankfully I brought along my digital camera so everyone can check out some pics from the show.

Speaking of the radio show, I downloaded WavePad the other day and it’s made me an editing fiend the past couple days. With WavePad I can cut and paste wavs together, I can edit out curse words, I can do pretty much anything to a single track. I’m busy now editing out curse words from songs I know only I have so we can play them on In Da Mixx without having to worry about what time it is. I’m also putting together mega-drops that will feature numerous artists shouting out the show.

Other than the wav editor and the blistering cold I’ve also had plenty of work to keep me cooped up indoors. As soon as I cleared away the stack of CD’s I had to listen to a whole new stack arrived, nine CD’s in three days to be exact. I’ve also been busy doing interviews, having two this week and three next week. This week I spoke with Storm The Unpredictable and Eathquake Institute and next week I’m scheduled to speak with Do or Die, JT Money and 50 Cent. And yeah, you’re damn right I’m psyched to speak with 50 again. I haven’t had the chance to sit down with him since "Wanksta" dropped, so it’s been a while. Regardless of whatever’s going on 50 is always good for a fun conversation.

I’ve been busily pitching some of my work, too. Chicago’s Soak Magazine has picked up two of my stories and I'm talking with another mag that may pick up another one of my articles (though I have the feeling it’s going to be too long for their publication and may end up online). Though it’s incredibly frustrating work at times, especially not getting responses from magazines, something in me really loves it. I really enjoy the struggle of it all. Partly it’s because once I’ve made it I can look back and see how rewarding it all was and see how all the hard work paid off. Despite getting big name interviews and articles in magazines I don’t consider myself to have "made it." I think the only thing that could possibly put me in that mindset would be by being at a major magazine or television station for a good number of years.

Socially life is what life is. The weather has really curbed any going out that I was even thinking of doing. I was going to head to an event on Wednesday but it started snowing so I decided to skip it. On Thursday I was planning on seeing George Clinton at Toad’s Place with some friends, but, and knowing Toad’s Place this was really no surprise, the free tickets fell through (and I don’t pay to go anywhere at this point so I wasn’t about to fork over cash). This is not the first time Toad’s has been shady, in fact they’ve developed a bit of a reputation for it. If there was any other place in the area that had concerts of equal size Toad’s would either become a thing of the past, or be forced to step their game up. Here’s hoping a new place opens soon.

Final Thought - Time for some NFL Playoff picks! This week I’m taking the Pats to win on the road in the AFC Championship (it’s like I keep saying, don’t bet against them till they lose), and as much as I love Michael Vick, if the Eagles don’t get it done this year there’s going to be a revolt in Philly, so Philly over Atlanta (though I really feel that one could go either way).
posted by Adam Bernard @ 5:28 PM  
  • At 11:27 PM, Blogger Lisa said…

    When I'm grown I want a job like yours,without a doubt.It sounds fun.Your friends don't bug you for autpgraphs or anything?And you're complaining about listening to Cds...shoot.I have to reiterate,you have the COOLEST job.

  • At 4:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Call me crazy, but I'm noticing a trend with your posts. They all have song titles as headlines. Keep em coming!

    - Amy

    I posted anonymously since I didn't want to take the extra three minutes to make my own account.

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