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Definition of a Perfect Friday Night
Saturday, July 10, 2004
I go to see a lot of shows, and to be honest, I see a lot of crap. Last night, however, was radically different as I was invited to go see Nervous System and The Saucers at Acoustic Cafe. Don't get fooled by the name of the establishment, it's not all acoustic stuff. I had "met" Touch, who plays bass for both groups, through MySpace and since the show was right around the corner from me, and my normal Friday nights consist of absolutely nothing, I decided to go. The Saucers were the opening act and if I had to try to describe them I'd say they were a mix of Jamiroquai, Soulive and The Breeders. Good stuff. The main event of the night, however, was Nervous System and as soon as they were done with their second song I knew they "got it." When I say "got it" I'm referring to Hip-Hop. So few groups in 2004 understand what Hip-Hop is but Nervous System does. Nervous System consists of two male MC's, one female MC / Singer, and a band. Last night they covered everything from police brutality to simply having a good time and by the end of their set I was a fan (and for those who know me, I normally dislike everything so saying I'm a fan is HUGE for me). If you want to get a feel for Nervous System just imagine if Black Eyed Peas had a lot more in the way of skills and social concern, and had a better band. Do yourself a favor and peep Nervous System's schedule and catch them live, they're one of CT's must-see groups and I can't wait to have them on In Da Mixx.

In addition to the great music last night there were also some great, ahem, visuals. Let's just say Nervous System has a VERY attractive fan base that I enjoyed hanging out with after the show. Great music, great beer (yes I had my customary Guinness) and great women, all the ingredients for a perfect night out.

Last, but not least, it may be time to pass the V8 bottle again as the main lobby of my building has a notice up informing us that they're going to turn the water off again on Monday to replace some valves (or some other nonsense). I really wish they'd consult the owners about this. I have two artist interviews on Monday so I can't leave the complex. There may be another "What Would R. Do?" post in the near future.
posted by Adam Bernard @ 9:46 PM  
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