Wednesday, August 29, 2018

NYC Scene Report – Cool Company, Syrena, & more

This week’s NYC Scene Report features R&B duo Cool Company singing about a “Summer Sickness,” indie pop artist Syrena glowing “Red Tonight,” indie rockers Bethlehem Steel taking a trip to “Florida 2,” and Hypoluxo going on an indie rock search for their “Huckleberry.”

* Summer may nearly be over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some “Summer Sickness.” What would make you enjoy a sickness? When it’s the latest sick single from Brooklyn-based R&B duo Cool Company.

“Summer Sickness,” which also features vocalist Roni, will be on Cool Company’s upcoming EP, The Dose Pt. 1, due out later this year, with part two due out in 2019.

The video for the single, which features Alisha Boe of 13 Reasons Why, was directed by Jean-Louis Droulers, who explained the concept for the clip in a statement, saying, “I wanted to build a portrait of ‘the player,’ whose careless abandon and selfish attitude leaves a trail of broken hearts that ultimately catches up to him. The dog motif, and LA backdrop, were the perfect elements to add in to ensure that the video maintained the chillest of vibes to support the song while still telling a compelling story about the constant search for freedom, and the consequences that it presents when it’s at the expense of other people.”

Check out the clip, and get sick with Cool Company.

* Is there anything NYC-based artist Syrena can’t do? The young powerhouse has taken the stage as a singer, songwriter, bellydancer, snake charmer, and fire eater. Yes, you read that right, snake charmer, and fire eater are on her resume.

Syrena’s latest single is “Red Tonight,” and it’s an infectious pop jam that will inspire you to take it from the dance floor to the bedroom.

Before you click play, however, I have a small warning for you – by the time Syrena sings the lyric, “Promise that you’ll dream of me tonight,” it’s a safe bet that she’ll already be camped out in your head, as “Red Tonight” is downright hypnotic.

* If you ever lay awake at night wondering what Brooklyn-based indie rock band Bethlehem Steel are up to, the answer is touring. The answer is almost always touring.

Bethlehem Steel are relentless road warriors. The band is currently on tour with fellow Brooklyn indie rockers Baked, after which they’ll hit the road again with Buffalo indie rock veterans Lemuria. This will keep Bethlehem Steel on tour through the middle of November.

Somehow, the band has also found time to work on new music, but most recently they released a video for their song “Florida 2,” which is off of their 2017 album, Party Naked Forever. I guess if I was taking a trip to “Florida 2,” partying naked forever would seem like a pretty good idea. It stays hot down there!

Check out the video for “Florida 2,” and party naked wherever you happen to be right now … unless you’re at work and they frown on that sort of thing, then just enjoy the clip, and party naked when you get home.

* Brooklyn-based indie rockers Hypoluxo are missing their “Huckleberry.” Huckleberry being the name of the protagonist pooch who has run away on the band’s latest song.

Hypoluxo will similarly be running away starting September 23rd for a tour that will run through October 25th, as they promote their upcoming album, Running on a Fence, which is due out September 21st via Broken Circles.

Give “Huckleberry” a spin, and commiserate with Hypoluxo.

For more of the best of NYC’s indie music scene, come back next Wednesday, and check out the archives for previous columns.

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