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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

This week’s NYC Scene Report features Anna Rose letting us know “Broken Is Beautiful,” Michael Buono finding a “Hero,” and The Men rocking out for “Children All Over the World.”

* Anna Rose’s The Light Between was one of my 10 must-hear albums of 2019, and the latest single off the album is the fantastic “Broken Is Beautiful.” The video for “Broken Is Beautiful” is especially meaningful to Rose, as it features her mother, and sister.

In a statement, Rose discussed both the video – which was directed by her longtime collaborator, and friend, Shruti Ganguly – and song, saying, “As women, I think we often fight these silent battles within ourselves – the magic we inherently possess that drives us towards our passions versus the societal markers that we are held up against. At any age, that internal struggle can become a deep well of insecurity, and I’m so grateful to have my family help tell this story. Beyond that, having my dear friend and collaborator Shruti direct and produce only adds to the magic, as she and I have so much trust between us after years of working together.”

Click play, and get inspired by the women of the Rose family.

* If you’re looking for a “Hero,” look no further than the latest single from NYC-based indie pop singer-songwriter Michael Buono.

Titled “Hero,” the song is the first off Buono’s upcoming full-length debut, Lost, which will be released this spring.

A joyful ode to both music, and his creative process, Buono explained “Hero” in a statement, saying, “‘Hero’ is an expression of all the aspects of music that make it my favorite thing to do in the world. Writing a song is absolutely cathartic for me, but recording it is pure joy, as I get to hone my craft and constantly find new sources of inspiration.”

Check out “Hero,” and feel the joy.

* NYC-based rockers The Men will be releasing their eighth album, Mercy, on February 14th via Sacred Bones Records. The lead single is “Children All Over the World,” which founding guitarist and vocalist Nick Chiericozzi discussed in a statement, saying, “‘Children’ was, like a lot of songs, altered and tossed around quite a bit before it took shape. At one point it sounded like a cruising metal tune – our version of metal, that is. After the synth landed, though, it felt complete and off it went.”

With a sound that’s part modern indie rock, part ‘80s New Wave, with a killer guitar solo thrown in for good measure, “Children All Over the World” is a winner.

Click play and rock out with The Men.

For more of the best of NYC’s indie music scene, come back next Wednesday, and check out the archives for previous columns.


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