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Friday, June 01, 2018

Annapolis, Maryland, is home to the United Stats Naval Academy, and all the rigidity, and order, that comes with that, which makes it wildly fascinating that it’s also home to Bumpin Uglies, a ska band that thrives on uniqueness, speaking their minds, and raucous good times.

Bumpin Uglies are currently celebrating their 10th year as a band, as well as the release of their new album, Beast From The East, the latest single off of which is “Crazy.”

I caught up with Bumpin Uglies frontman Brandon Hardesty to find out what inspired “Crazy,” the advice he’d give to the 2008 version of himself, and the one thing he’ll probably never eat again.
Is “Crazy” about someone in particular, or is it more a general statement about how men and women relate to each other?

I wrote “Crazy” after my first big post-wedding fight with my wife.

My theory on relationships has always been that if you're not occasionally having blow out fights, you're not doing it right.
The video features a guy taking a picture of his junk. Who in the band is most likely to make this mistake?

Our drummer, TJ, hands down.
“Crazy” is off of your latest album, Beast From The East. What other topics do you tackle on the album?

I talk about climate change, misuse of power by police officers, the politics of the music industry, and normal coming-of-age experiences.

2018 marks your 10th year together as a band. If you could go back and give the 2008 version of yourself one piece of advice about the ride they’re about to go on, what would it be?

I kind of wish I would've finished college instead of bailing so close to the end. Would be nice to have a more secure safety net. Would've started touring in a way more efficient manner, as well.

I think about this stuff a lot, but I also think that every step is important to getting you to where you are, and I'm pretty happy with where we are right now, so I try not to overthink it.
What would you consider your most “payin’ dues” moment from coming up, the moment when you were like, “We are totally at the bottom rung of the ladder”?

We once survived for about three weeks solely on Slim Jims. I will never eat another Slim Jim.
On the flip side of that, tell me about the first time you sold out a venue. When was it, where was it, and how did you react to seeing a completely packed house?

The first one of note was in Cleveland, on a Sunday in 2017. It was surreal. It was our first time headlining in the market, and we had no idea what to expect. We'd sold out shows at home before, but it's way different when you're 500 miles from home and you get a response like that. There's no comparison to the feeling which that invokes.
Finally, your lyrics have been described as being “tattoo-worthy.” What have been some of your favorite fan tattoos, and have any of them completely overwhelmed you?

Somebody got some of the lyrics from our song “Morning After” tattooed on them in braille. That was pretty neat.

It's pretty overwhelming anytime someone finds enough meaning in my lyrics to tattoo them. It's very humbling, and I don't take it for granted.

For more Bumpin Uglies, check out bumpinugliesmusic.com, and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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