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Vid Pick: Fjer – Awesome (Acoustic)
Friday, March 16, 2018

The first time I heard Danish electro-soul-pop artist Fjer I immediately fell in love with her voice. As I've written a number of times, it’s nothing short of angelic.

If you have any doubts, check out this stripped down version of her latest single, “Awesome,” and try to tell me she isn’t hiding wings under her t-shirt.

Wanting to know more about “Awesome,” I caught up with Fjer to ask her about the song, and what qualities she feels makes a person awesome. We also discussed her love of ‘90s fashion, and some of her hidden talents.

What was the inspiration for “Awesome”?

I wrote a note to my self almost two years ago that just said “Awesome.” I was feeling small and unappreciated, and thought to myself, “You have to remember that you’re awesome.”

It took me a while, but I finally sat down and wrote a song about that feeling. Now the song has become an anthem for me and my friends, and I tell them all the time how awesome they are. 

What are the top three qualities a person can have that you would consider awesome?

Many little things can add up to a person being awesome, but I guess if I’m picking just three it would be a person who is strong, funny, and warm. That pretty much sums up the personalities of my best friends.

I have a lot of strong women in my life, and I feel so inspired by them every day.

And of course, being the clown that I am, I need funny people around me to laugh at my dad jokes, and answer with an even dumber joke. {laughs}

What made you want to do an acoustic version of the song?

I feel like the melody and the message of the song is very important.

When you strip all the electronic synths, and the heavy beat, off the original, you're left with a very clean and simple song.

I generally love to make songs that work in many different production settings, and I wanted to make sure everybody could enjoy this song.

In the video you’re wearing a t-shirt featuring labelmate Lucy Camp. I hear there’s more than a little bit of mutual musical love between you two. Any chance you might be working on an EP, or full length album, together?

Oh my God, I freaking love her. That t-shirt I had specially made because I originally wanted to rock one of those throwback shirts that you see everywhere – as you know, I'm stuck in the ‘90s {laughs} – and I thought instead of wearing a generic one with like Destiny's Child, or whatever, I would make my own with an idol I really adore.

Lucy Camp is one of the most inspiring, bad-ass female artists out there, so she ended up on the shirt.

We are always working on new music together, so you'll definitely hear more collabs in the future.

After an extended stay in the US you moved back to Denmark last year. First off, we miss you. Second, how has the move affected your music, your motivation, and your goals?

I miss New York every day, but I will say that the move to Denmark has made me much more focused. There aren't as many distractions here, and I really have been my most productive self these last few months.

I'm seeing it as an opportunity to finish my album. More news on that soon!

I know you’re mildly obsessed with ‘90s fashion, so how much did it hurt when, earlier this year, JNCO announced they were going out of business?

{laughs} You know me too well.

I actually didn't hear that. Now I'm crying inside. Guess I gotta go thrifting.

What are some of your favorite pieces of ‘90s clothing in your closet?

My UFO pants – they were so hard to track down! – my beret collection, and all my crop tops. And of course this new Lucy shirt is something I'll rock a lot this spring.

Finally, tell everyone about a skill you have that people may not know about.

I can sound EXACTLY like a dolphin, and I cook pretty good vegetarian food.

On a more serious note, I do a lot of photography, and video stuff, and I've been busy making visuals for Lucy Camp, Tonedeff, and my friend Emilia James over the last couple of years. You'll see more of that soon.

For more Fjer, check out fjermusic.com.


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