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Vid Pick: Queen V – Day One
Friday, February 23, 2018

Over the years, listeners have heard NYC-based artist Queen V rock out, go acoustic, and now, with her latest single, “Day One,” show her softer side.

The song, which is about new beginnings, is off of Queen V’s Bridges Vol. 2 EP, which was released in November of last year.

Wanting to know more about “Day One,” I caught up with Queen V to ask her about the song, some of her especially memorable day ones, and to find out about the most, and least, royal moments she’s experienced as an artist.

I know you can rock out pretty hard, but “Day One” is more in the vein of a ballad. What made you choose “Day One” as a single?

It felt like the right time to shine a light on the song, being the beginning of the year.

I have to say that every single time I sing it live, the feeling of being really humbled, yet really hopeful, is hard to escape. It's one of my favorite parts of the show, just to break it down like that.

The recording also has a special magic to it, thanks to my incredible producer and collaborator Chad Carlson.

What inspired the lyrics of “Day One?”

When I first started going to Nashville three years ago I felt like a fish out of water. My experiences there completely challenged who I was as a songwriter and musician, and that was a really positive thing.

My co-writer, Zac Maloy, and I were actually writing another song called “Throne” about how I was going through changes and evolving, and “Day One” just popped out in the same writing session.

This seems like the kind of song that would elicit a strong reaction from listeners. What kind of stories have fans told you about how this song has affected them?

People have shared stories about how they had to start over, and reboot their lives, whether because of a break up, or a relationship, or a new job, or even getting sober. One lady talked about being an empty nester and wondered what she'd do now. Another guy (talked about) about quitting smoking, (which was) something he'd done his whole life.

It has been very moving to hear their interpretation of the lyrics, and what it means to them.

What have been some of your most powerful, or most memorable, “day ones” in life?

Going to Nashville has been pretty profound! So was recording Bridges Vol. 1 at the Foo Fighters’ Studio 606 (in California). But you never stop having “day ones,” they still happen all the time, even in the smallest of ways.

The video features clips from live shows. What was special about those performances?

All of the clips are from the Bridges Vol. 2 release week. You see footage from the party we had in Nashville at Black River Entertainment, the celebration at The Cutting Room in NYC, and even a final rehearsal from the night before.

It was really special to be able to share this collection of songs which were all written in, and around, Nashville.

Your name is Queen V, so I need to know – what has been your most royal moment in life, and your least royal moment in life?

Certainly opening for Bon Jovi at the Meadowlands Arena in NJ was a highlight, particularly that I'd seen so many concerts there. But I am sure there were a few shows early on in my career which were less than stellar! Fortunately, no one threw anything at me.

Ha! Finally, who are some of your other favorite Queens? Personally, I’m a big fan of the Freddie Mercury fronted band, as well as the borough where my Mets play, and Queen Victoria seemed pretty rad based on the PBS series on her. (yes, I digressed a bit with this question)

Those are three amazing Queens right there. Hard to top that! I would add Queen Latifah, though. Another jersey girl!

For more Queen V, check out queenv.com.


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