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NYC Scene Report – Me Not You, Mainland, & more
Wednesday, February 28, 2018

This week’s NYC Scene Report features the latest from alt pop-rock duo Me Not You, a pop-rock song from Mainland about leaving their “Hometown,” a deeply emotional indie folk-pop tune from Olden Yolk, and some hot new hip-hop from K. Gaines.

* When I tell you that the latest single from NYC-based alt pop-rock duo Me Not You sounds like garbage, I mean it as a compliment of the highest order. The single is titled “Surfers,” and the Garbage in this case is the legendary, Shirley Manson fronted, ‘90s alt-rock band.

With a mix of those classic alt-rock vibes along with modern indie electronic pop-rock, “Surfers" is yet another gem off of Me Not You’s upcoming EP, Reckoning 2.

The song is the third single from the project, and with Me Not You being three for three so far with great singles from the EP, Reckoning 2 is a surefire bet to be a fantastic release. Check out “Surfers” and hear for yourself.

* It had been a minute since we’d heard from NYC indie pop-rock trio Mainland, but with the release of a new single titled “Hometown” they're back, and they’re looking to inspire greatness.

“Hometown” is Mainland frontman Jordan Topf’s story about moving from Santa Cruz, CA, to Brooklyn, and overcoming the surroundings he grew up in to chase his dreams in NYC.

Topf told Billboard, “Many children in America are trying to run away from things that may hurt them, destroy their relationships, or lead them down a dark path. I just hope the song inspires people to hang on and chase their passions, knowing that there’s always someone who understands them out there. Outside of that small town reality that may be bringing them down there is a place and another person out there that sees the world the way you do.”

Click play, and see the world through the eyes of Mainland.

* “Cut To The Quick” is a phrase I was completely unfamiliar with until hearing a song of that name by Olden Yolk – the New York-based group led by Shane Butler (of Quilt) and Caity Shaffer. Thankfully, the indie folk-pop band provided some context.

In a statement, Olden Yolk explained, “‘Cut To The Quick’ is about reclaiming oneself when the pressures of the outside world seem to close in around you … The bridge of the song references an experience (we) had at the Stonewall Monument in NYC shortly after the heinous shootings that took place at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, FL in 2016. Stonewall is a historical landmark at the site of the 1969 riots during which the gay liberation movement made headway in the fight for equal rights. At this time in 2016 it became a sort of temple to voice solidarity, mourn, and gather strength to move forward. Being there at that time and seeing so much strength and love expressed openly was an incredibly deep experience. The heart of the song lies in trusting oneself and finding the strength to move forward amidst the vagaries of life.”

“Cut To The Quick" is off of Olden Yolk’s self-titled debut album, which was released last week via Trouble In Mind, and you can see the video for the song right here.

* Late last year I wrote about Brooklyn’s hip-hop artist K.Gaines’ ambitious plan for 2018 – his release schedule includes five EPs, with a different producer at the helm for each project – and with that goal in mind he just dropped a new single titled “Cook That Bass.”

“Cook That Bass” is from K.Gaines’ upcoming EP, Ticket To Elsewhere, and features Lyric Jones and the legendary Ras Kass.

If your life has been lacking dope hip-hop, click play on "Cook That Bass,” and give your soul exactly what it needs.

For more of the best of NYC’s indie music scene, come back next Wednesday, and check out the archives for previous columns.


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