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Vid Pick: NEFFEX – Rumors
Friday, January 19, 2018

Having released more than 50 singles over the past three years, Orange County, California duo NEFFEX have managed to accomplish what so many artists long to do – they’ve created their own unique place in the music world, and in turn, developed a devoted following.

After one listen to their music, that following shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, as with a mixture of electronic music, trap music, hip-hop, and a sprinkling of pop, the NEFFEX duo of Cameron Wales and Brandon Horth have a sound that’s far reaching, and blurs the lines of traditional genres.

Back in April of 2017 NEFFEX released “Rumors,” a song about the type of woman that immediately sparks an interest, and stays on your mind. It wasn’t until just this past week, however, that they released a video for “Rumors.”

Always wanting to get to the bottom of “Rumors,” I caught up with NEFFEX to ask them about the song, and the video, as well as their incredible output of singles, and what kind of “payin’ dues” moments they experienced earlier in their career.

Let’s start by talking about “Rumors.” Is “Rumors” about someone specific, and if so do you think they know the song is about them?

Brandon: Rumors isn’t about anyone in particular, but rather the types of girls you see throughout your time in high school, college, and life, that are mysterious. The type of girl that gets people talking.

How many “Rumors” types would I bump into (pun fully intended) were I to visit Orange County for a weekend?

Cameron: Depends on where you go, but odds are you’d run into quite a few.

Growing up around Newport, Laguna Beach, and Huntington Beach has exposed us to some very “mysterious” ladies. {laughs}
What was the casting process like for a girl with “a body like a coke fiend?” That seems like an odd request on CraigsList.

Cameron: Yeah, we definitely did not have our manager post any ads looking for coke fiends, that’s for sure. {laughs}

He would send us models and actresses that were interested in the role, we would check out their work, and social media, until we found the perfect fit, and we really think that Caroline (who landed the role) has that body! We stayed out of the process of HOW she got that body, though …

“Body like a coke fiend” sounds like a compliment in the context of the song, but let’s be real, how messed up would this girl’s metabolism be?

Brandon: Oh her metabolism’s shot for sure, but hey, who needs that anyway?

You originally released “Rumors” in April of 2017, and it’s been a huge hit for you, with the track generating over 3 million plays on YouTube without an official video, and nearly 2 million listens on Spotify. With those numbers already being so high, what went into the decision to ultimately release an official video for the song?

Brandon: A couple months back we decided that the next step in our growth would be to start getting our faces, and image, out there to the public. We wanted to start releasing music videos, and were working with a few different videographers.

We launched “Fight Back,” “Best of Me” and “Baller,” and once we really felt like we were hitting a groove we decided we should put out a video for our #1 track, and that’s how we decided to start setting up the process for recording “Rumors.”

You’ve released over 50 singles. Is an album in the works for 2018?

Brandon: That’s up in the air. Honestly, singles have been working great for us. It’s fun to write and record something new each week. We love the consistency, and we think our audience does, as well.

Essentially, don’t fix what isn’t broken, but we do always have something up our sleeves to keep progressing as artists, and growing, so don’t be surprised if we throw some curveballs in 2018. 

Tell everyone about the #FOXFAM. Who are they, and what do they mean to you?

Brandon: Ahhh the good old Foxfam.

When we started out we wanted a mascot and we both agreed the NEFFEX FOX would be pretty sick. Our logo was even developed off that, to an extent.

We knew we wanted something timeless, and once we drew out the triangles it was a no brainer, but as we continued to post #FOXFAM we realized that, one, it didn’t apply strictly to us – many people could use that hashtag – and two, a YouTube influencer by the name of Tanner Fox was already utilizing it. Therefore we transitioned to calling our fan base the NEFFEXNation.

Anyone who enjoys our music, shares our music, follows us, or just supports us is part of our NEFFEXNation.

You guys formed NEFFEX back in 2014, and I read you were in a punk band together before this. While you’re kickin’ butt now, what do you remember as one of your most “payin’ dues” moments from back in the day?

Cameron: Oh man, we were in such a god awful punk garage band back when we were 15. We recorded one song called “The Beaminator,” and it was never released because it was just the worst.

That was probably a good payin’ dues moment, realizing you suck.

Since then there’s a ton of moments where you’re just learning, and growing, and getting better at communicating a message, or getting the sound just right. There’s also a ton of eye rolls, and a certain stigma that goes with being a musician that you go through, so those are some “payin’ dues” moments.

You have to prove yourself before people start buying in.
Finally, and please know I saved my big important super journalistic question for last, which was the more accurate portrayal of Orange County – The O.C., or Laguna Beach?

Cameron: We can honestly say we’ve never seen either, but Lauren Conrad's pretty hot, so yeah ... 

For more NEFFEX, check out neffex.com.


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