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Friday, January 05, 2018

Polish pop artist Margaret is a bonafide international superstar. Thee albums deep, she’s taken home five Eska Music Awards, two MTV Europe Music Awards, and a Kids' Choice Award.

In addition to her music, she’s been the face of a number of advertising campaigns, and she voiced a character in the Polish-language version of Smurfs: The Lost Village.

I know what some of you might be thinking, “That’s great, Adam, so why the heck is she talking to you?”

Well, the answer to that dates back five years, which is when I first interviewed Margaret. Now that she’s made it big, she’s still kind enough to take a few minutes out of her day to speak with me.

Recently, I caught up with Margaret to ask her about the acoustic version of her song “Cool Me Down,” potential production credits for her puppy, and her favorite accomplishments of the previous year.

What made you want to do an acoustic version of “Cool Me Down,” and what kind of changes were made in the arrangement of the song?

Well, I love covering songs, and it’s even more fun to do a cover of your own song – finding a new way of telling the story, messing around with the melody – it’s fun.

How do you feel going acoustic changes the mood, and emotion, of the song?

I always say that a song is good when you can play it acoustic. When you get rid of all the “dings and dongs,” and pitched voice compressed with all the effects, and it still sounds good, then it means it’s a good song.

At the end of the day, it’s just about singing along with your guitar, then you hear it clearly – the melody, the harmony, the lyrics.

Did your adorable dog, who makes a cameo in the video, get a production credit on the song, or did you pay her off in toys and food?

{laughs} Even better … in the studio where we recorded this acoustic version, the sound engineer has a Maltese, as well – a boy. Mine is a girl. Both of them got some love.

What were some of your favorite accomplishments – professional, or personal – of 2017?

Last year was very important to me, personal wise.

A lot happened with my work – I released an album, had concerts all around Europe – it was a very successful year for me as an artist, but still, I think that personally it’s been much more important. Also, that's changed me as an artist.

(Now) even if it’s a bad day, I know it’s all good. I gained the courage of giving zero fucks to all the criticism, cuz you know, I can't really change it.

And my biggest nightmare – you should always be better, and you are never enough – if I could go back to my 24 year old version of me, I would tell her it’s all bullshit, but I know she wouldn’t believe me. Timing its very important.

Finally, your music has taken you to a lot of interesting places. What’s left on your travel bucket list?

The South Pacific. Definitely.

For more Margaret, follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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