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NYC Scene Report – Kiri T, Jane Church, & more
Wednesday, December 27, 2017

This week’s NYC Scene Report features the latest from indie electro-pop artist Kiri T, Jane Church giving us a taste of “janitor rock,” a new tune from indie pop supergroup Blush, and hip-hop artists Peter Amo and L.I.F.E. Long teaming up for something completely insane.

* Kiri T burst onto the scene in 2017, quickly becoming a favorite here. Her latest single is “Roll Deep In The Feels” (which this writer may have mistakenly called “Rolling Deep in the Fields” in a review of one of her shows), and with Kiri T giving an invitation to “meet me in the bed,” it’s a steamy electro-pop gem.

The song caps off a great year for Kiri T, which has included a number of fantastic singles, and live performances. Here’s hoping 2018 will include even more shows, and an EP, or full length album. For now, check out “Roll Deep In The Feels,” and get a feel for Kiri T.

* By name alone you might mistakenly think Jane Church is a woman, perhaps a long lost cousin of late ‘80s earring-to-nose ring chain connoisseur Jane Child. While that would be interesting, Jane Church is actually the solo recording project of Queens-based singer-songwriter Jackson Church, and he’s pretty interesting in his own right.

Going by the name Jane Church starting in April of this year, Church released released his debut single “Demolition USA,” in June, and then proceeded to record an entire LP, Calimocho Molotov! (release date TBA), in just three days.

Describing the album’s sound as “Beatlegum,” and “Janitor Rock,” his latest single is “This Here City.” Give it a spin, because while nobody may truly know the definition of “janitor rock,” all you really need to know is that it sounds great … and it won’t give you the sudden urge to Swiffer your floors.

* Brooklyn indie pop super group Blush – which is the project of Maura Lynch of Darlings teaming up with Andy Chugg of Pop. 1280, and Nick and Jon Campolo of Pill – released their self-titled debut album earlier this month on Arrowhawk Records.

Lynch glowingly described the recording process, saying, “Working together was one of the breeziest, most fun music-making experiences I've ever had.”

That breezy fun translated into some great indie pop songs, like Blush’s latest single, “Baby Don’t Blush,” which you can listen to right here.

* There’s only one way I want to close out 2017 here at the NYC Scene Report, and it’s with a last minute nominee for most batsh*t insane video of the year.

NYC hip-hop stalwarts Peter Amo and L.I.F.E. Long teamed up for this one, which is for their single “Lessons,” and the clip proves mixing haunted houses and weed can result in some seriously wild sh*t.

Directed by Steve Bauza for Team 5ive Inc., and Moonboy Pictures, these are not your kids’ dolls, and stuffed animals!

For more of the best of NYC’s indie music scene, come back next Wednesday, and check out the archives for previous columns.


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