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Vid Pick: Jay-Way – Don’t Know Why
Friday, November 24, 2017

I love when a hip-hop song has some real depth to it.

Don’t get me wrong, I like to party it up to plenty of ignorant sh*t, but there’s something about a thought provoking hip-hop song that really sticks with you.

Jay-Way’s “Don’t Know Why” is one of those thought provoking songs.

The Amsterdam-based emcee gets deeply introspective on “Don’t Know Why,” covering everything from searching for one’s purpose in life, to questions regarding God, and the result is a song you’ll listen to countless times, getting something new out of it each time.

I recently caught up with Jay-Way, and he spoke about the story behind “Don’t Know Why,” as well as his new EP, No Life No WiFi, and he even gave a bit of dating advice.

You get crazy introspective on "Don't Know Why." What do you point to as the event, or moment, or piece of art, that first sparked your introspection?

I remember the first time my parents took me to church on New Year's Eve. I was five, and I remember how fascinated I was by the building, the people, and corporate worship. That's when my interest for faith was sparked.

What are some of the biggest differences, for you, when putting these thoughts in a song, versus attempting to have conversations about these ideas with other people?

Music can be a very useful tool to be vocal on certain matters.

I could've had a skit where I'm having a convo with an atheist, (but) I'm convinced that the skit wouldn't have as much impact as the song.

Through music I can allow the listener to feel like I'm speaking from his/her perspective. I can even make 'em sing their thoughts along.

Do you feel this song is a questioning of God, a conversation with God, or a combination of both?

I think a combination of both. It's like you're talking to God, but you don't want to believe in God, so you're trying to talk about Him. It's a constant contradicting conflict.

What have been some of your favorite reactions to this song?

People telling me that this is their story.

I'm grateful that the song could aid in that way, allowing people to not run away from these questions, but really face them.

I've had people cry when hearing this song. Even at shows. 

"Don't Know Why" is off of your 2015 album, Jaynalysis. How many of the ideas, and questions, on that album are still a part of your daily life?

I would say Jaynalysis is me as a narrator, and the new project is really a reflection of me and where I'm at in life.  

Tell everyone about the new EP, No Life No WiFi, and the ideas, and topics, you're tackling on it.

No Life No WiFi is a great representation of me as an artist. I'm vocal about social issues, love, dreams, and accomplishments.

I want to let the listener realize what happens when there's no WiFi.

Don't stay home behind a laptop. Go outside and chase your dreams and make it “happen dappen!” And if you like somebody, don't just stalk that person’s pictures – make a move!

If you want to get to know me, listen to No Life No WiFi.

For more Jay-Way, check out uncoolworld.com.


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