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Vid Pick: Ceschi – Lost Touch
Friday, August 18, 2017

Ceschi is a hip-hop artist who creates lifelong fans with his intense, emotional, live performances. If someone tells you they’re going to see Ceschi for the first time, best believe they’ll be talking about the show for weeks, possibly even months, to come.

This is why I was happy to see Ceschi team up with A Fistful of Vinyl for a live performance video of “Lost Touch.”

His raw, real, personal lyrics, and tear-his-own-heart-out-and-let-his-emotions-bleed delivery are nothing short of enthralling.

I caught up with Ceschi to find out more about “Lost Touch,” his live performances, and the concept of true, authentic, freedom.

All of your songs are deeply personal. Where does “Lost Touch” come from for you, both topically, and emotionally?

“Lost Touch” is a song about work, about who and what controls labor, and who benefits from labor.

It really hurts me to see people I love living a life they've been taught to aim for, while realizing it does not make them happy.

Especially in America, we take a lot of shit, and are taught to settle for it. In fact, we're even taught that we're LESSER members of society for not settling for traditional outlets of labor. 

The concept of freedom is a big theme in the second verse. What do you feel we need to do to have true, authentic, freedom?

That’s one of THE huge questions, and is something I always come back to.

As long as nature is above us, there is no pure human freedom. We are tiny, smart creatures, but we are ants in the grand scheme. To each other we are everything, though, so freedom is a malleable idea. It's subjective.

There is no exact freedom within the confines of this life. Only in death, perhaps? That's why it's always hilariously ironic to me when government officials talk of "free markets" or "wars for freedom.”

In this particular song … it’s basically talking to a pawn – (someone) still believing in this base American idea of freedom – but coming to the realization that there will always be somebody above them pulling strings.

What’s your favorite set of bars from “Lost Touch,” and why?

Probably some of the simplest lines. 

"Broke every bone in your body just to fit into a box.”

“Lost touch like my pinky, no more finger print traces."

These are the types of bars that tween trolls on Reddit love to hate! It makes me so happy to create them. 

Tell everyone a little bit about the project “Lost Touch” is off of, and when we’ll be hearing more from it.

I haven't wanted to talk much about it, because it has sort of shifted, but now it's safe to say that this will come out on a 10 inch vinyl, all produced by Factor Chandelier. Astronautalis will be on one side, and I will be on the other. A few songs each.

(It’s a) sweet little thing that came together from a whole year of all of us touring. 

“Lost Touch” is a live performance video. One of the things that always strikes me about your live shows is how much energy, and emotion, you put into each song. This begs the question, how do you prepare to perform live? What’s your secret formula, because as far as I can tell you should be passed out midway through the first verse of your second song each night.

Learn to black out whether there are two people, or 2,000 people, in front of you.

Maybe that's a rare moment of freedom? {laughs} 

For more Ceschi, you can find his music on Bandcamp.


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