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Wednesday, July 05, 2017

This week’s NYC Scene Report features a “Reprise” from ambient electro-pop artist Raia Was, Katie Ellen rising from the ashes of beloved Brooklyn punk band Chumped, a “Midnight Silhouette” from indie rockers The Ruby Shots, and a reggae jam from Megative.

* Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter-electronic music composer Raia Was has been working on her upcoming debut album, Body Double, for the better part of two years. After hearing the album’s lead single, “Reprise,” it sounds as though it’s going to be worth the wait.

Was says of the ambient electro-pop tune, “‘Reprise’ is a beginning or an ending, a listing of confessions, talking to myself, the start or the end of the spin of the inner monologue, how it primes itself to enter into conversation. When I first started production on this record I was positive this song was the end. Turns out it was the beginning.” 

Check out “Reprise,” and vibe with Raia Was.

* If you’re a longtime reader of this column you know that I f*cking loved Brooklyn bummer punk band Chumped. Sadly, despite sold out shows, and an incredible album, Chumped went on hiatus.

From the ashes of Chumped, comes Katie Ellen, which includes Chumped’s singer/guitarist Anika Pyle, and drummer Dan Frelly. The band’s debut album, Cowgirl Blues, is due out July 14th, the lead single off of which is “Lucy Stone.”

While still embracing their punk roots, “Lucy Stone” veers more in the direction of good ol’ fashioned noisy indie rock, the kind you know, and love, from 2am shows at DIY venues, that usually involve cold cans of PBR, and warm sweat dripping off of members of the crowd.

Give “Lucy Stone” a spin, and rock out with Katie Ellen.

* NYC-based indie rockers The Ruby Shots have a heck of a combination of influences that range from 60s pop, to 80s alternative, to modern day Americana. The result is a wholly original sound, and you know what we always love here at the NYC Scene Report – something fresh!

The band released an EP titled This Dark Town back in May, the latest single off of which is “Midnight Silhouette.”

In a statement, the band said of This Dark Town, “We were focused on making the songs as dynamic as possible, and wanted there to be a sense of urgency throughout the album.”

Check out the urgent indie rock of The Ruby Shots by giving “Midnight Silhouette” a spin. I guarantee it will be one of the coolest things you hear all week!

* Looking for some reggae with a classic feel, and influences that include punk, and dub? Brooklyn-based collective, Megative – which consists of Tim Fletcher of The Stills, Gus Van Go, Like Minds, and Screechy Dan – have something you’re definitely going to want to hear.

The band recently released a single titled “More Time,” and according to Fletcher, the song, and upcoming album it’s off of, are a long time comin’.

“Megative was formed by myself and Gus Van, whose love of The Clash, and The Specials, UK punk, reggae, and dub was always a reference point, and barometer for us. With Gus busy with a production career, and me busy with various musical projects (The Stills, Voizes), we spent years discussing how we would one day assemble a group that would bring together all of these influences into a new setting, in a way that would transcend people's ideas about what such music should be like. Sounds that are relevant, themes that are relevant, dark, dystopian, apocalyptic soundscapes and moods are drawn out of these influences.”

Check out “More Time,” and catch the Megative vibe.

For more of the best of NYC’s indie music scene, come back next Wednesday, and check out the archives for previous columns.


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