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3 Reasons You Should See Fire From The Gods Live
Thursday, July 20, 2017

Fire From The Gods is a band I was especially intrigued by while prepping for this year’s Warped Tour. While their music has its roots firmly in metal, they also mix in plenty of hip-hop, and soul, for a sound unlike anything else on the tour … and possibly the planet (there are probably other metal, hip-hop, soul bands on the planet. Don’t write me letters, OK?)

I made it a point to catch their set, and my intrigue turned into interest. Want to know why? Check out these three reasons you should see Fire From The Gods live.

1. Frontman AJ Channer is a Triple Threat

Some vocalists can sing so soulfully it sends shivers down your spine. Some can scream with a guttural rage that will shake your bones. Some can rap with such thought provoking insight they make your brain do gymnastics.

In AJ Channer, Fire From The Gods have all three of these types of vocalists in one person, and witnessing him go from rapping, to screaming, to singing, sometimes in the course of just one song, is pretty amazing. I’m still not entirely sure how he performs such vocal gymnastics.

Even if one of these types of vocals isn’t you cup of tea, by virtue of Channer being adept at all three, in the context of the mix you end up appreciating what you may not have perviously been a fan of.

2. They Make Music For The Marginalized & The Outcast

Between rapping about a desire for emancipation, and screaming for “The Voiceless,” it’s clear Fire From The Gods is a band that embraces those society often ignores.

With this, they also inspire individualism, not just welcoming those who are different, but outright urging people to be different, to be unafraid to be themselves, because as a band they’ve created a welcoming place for them with their music.

3. They May Influence You to Mosh

Every year Warped Tour puts up signs explicitly telling people not to mosh, and not to crowd surf, and every year kids ignore those signs in the name of a good time.

During Fire From The Gods’ set they may have ever so slightly encouraged the audience to get a little rowdy, and the audience may have taken them up on this. That said, I’m not about to be labeled a snitch, so you had to be there.

To find out when, and where, Fire From The Gods are performing next, check out their Facebook page for show dates.


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