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Friday, June 30, 2017

In the lexicon of baseball, Ada Pasternak would be considered five tool player. For her live performance video of “Body Body” she wrote the song, sings, plucks the violin, plays the violin, and even beatboxes.

While most artists are attempting to do one of those things, she has all five in her arsenal.

I caught up with Ada, who now resides in LA, but used to call Connecticut home, to find out more about the song, the video, and how to get to her heart.

What was the inspiration behind “Body Body?” Is the song the result of a string of dating experiences?

Ha ha, yes, I would say so.

I never really know. I think many women can relate to this.

Hopefully one day I will be with someone who is after my heart completely.

How difficult is it to go from pizzicato, to using a bow, in the same song?

The more I do it, the more comfortable it gets. It's fun.

With the lyrics of the song in mind, what is the best way to your heart?

The best way to my heart is being yourself. Being vulnerable. Being silly. Being generous and kind. This goes for anyone, not only romantic relationships.

How did the video come together? It looks like you found quite the relaxing place to film.

Yes, it's a lovely location in Glendale, CA. My friends live there and were kind enough to let me use their space for the video. Also my friends Keith Parry and Benny Panahon helped me make this video, and others, and I'm lucky to have great people in my life who support me.

Finally, you have to tell me about the tree that grows microphones!

Magic. ;)

For more Ada Pasternak, check her out at adasmusic.com.


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