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Thursday, June 15, 2017

I’ve seen NYC-based rockers The Motor Tom a handful of times over the years, and every time I’ve attended one of their shows I’ve had a blast.

Most recently, I caught their extended set at Mercury Lounge when they played there earlier this month, and the night was amazing.

If you’re looking for a rock n roll good time, this is a band you need to know. Here are three reasons you should see The Motor Tom live.

1. This Motor Runs on Fun

Whether you know, and love, their original work, sing along to their covers, or are one of the people dancing in the front row, you’re going to have fun at The Motor Tom’s shows because the band is all about making sure everyone has a great time.

As soon as one person starts dancing, they encourage everyone else to join in. The same goes for if they’re playing a song and see people start to sing along.

Contrary to what some may say, rock n roll is allowed to be fun, and it’s a damned good time when it is. The Motor Tom are that damned good time.

2. They’re Charismatic, Crazy, & Crystal Clear

When you’re looking to inspire people to get a little wild, it helps to be a little wild yourself, and this isn’t an issue for the men of The Motor Tom. They inspire good times by having a good time themselves when they’re on the stage.

Led by frontman Nick Schupak – who is equal parts charismatic and crazy, and whose voice is crystal clear, even when hitting the highest of notes – The Motor Tom is a rock band that seriously enjoys their time on the stage, and it’s infectious.

3. They Can Go All Night

For The Motor Tom’s show at Mercury Lounge they put together a set that was nearly 90 minutes long, and even when they were performing their encore it seemed as though they still had the energy to perform for another 90 minutes if the venue were to allow it.

Despite it being well past 11pm on a weeknight, the vast majority of the crowd was ready to go all night with them. This says a lot about what was going on on stage.

To find out when, and where, The Motor Tom are performing next, check out their Facebook page for show dates.


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