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NYC Scene Report – Valentina, Ryan-O'Neil, & more
Wednesday, October 19, 2016

This week's NYC Scene Report features the singer-songwriter stylings of Valentina, Ryan-O'Neil giving us a rock tinged song about "Sunday Morning," indie rock band Aircrafting coming in with the "Tides," and hip-hop renaissance man iAreConscious telling us about the "Shorties on the Bloc."

* As you all know, I'm a huge fan of going out and discovering new artists at shows. My latest awesome discovery is Valentina, a singer-songwriter I saw at Pianos when she was the opening act on a bill that included Halycine.

Based in Brooklyn, and skilled at playing multiple instruments, Valentina wowed the crowd, myself included, whether she was on her keyboard, or her guitar. She has a fantastic stage presence, and vocals that are equally impressive.

Check out "No Pain Without You" for a taste of Valentina's work. I expect to be featuring her here a lot in the near future.

* Singer-songwriter Ryan-O'Neil is no stranger to the NYC Scene Report, as I've been writing about him for years. What's most impressive about O'Neil is that he seems to reach new heights with each of his releases. Unlike a roller coaster, O'Neil's musical output is akin to an escalator moving upwards.

His latest single is "Sunday Morning," a rock tinged song about a woman who is walking in stilettos on a Sunday morning, wearing the same clothes as the night before.

Check out the video, and enjoy the story all of us have at one point seen, and some of us have experienced.

* As sad as it may be to admit, there are no more beach days left in 2016. That said, we can revisit the vibe of warm summer days with the debut video from Brooklyn indie rock band Aircrafting.

The clip, which is for their song "Tides," features plenty of summertime scenery, which is an appropriate setting for the beach-y tune.

"Tides" is off of Aircrafting's recently released debut album, Dreamers, on which they were reportedly looking to explore the "cosmic" American music scenes. I don't know how cosmic the beach is, but you can definitely enjoy spacing out to this one.

* You’d be hard pressed to find a time when hip-hop renaissance man iAreConscious isn’t working on a project. That said, with all the projects he’s been working on, his music had seemingly taken a backseat. Realizing this, he recently sent out the following message to everyone on his email list:

"I just thought about how I don't talk about, or share, much music. Mostly because I haven't been making much over the last few years, and when I do, I've gotten into a habit of not even making any announcement, just making it available to whomever stumbles upon it."

"April 1st, 2016 I made available a project entitled FOOL. It's a time release multi-media project. Over the weekend I added a new piece of audio to this collage of sound, and invite you to check it out."

That piece is "Shorties on the Bloc," and you can check it out right here.

For more of the best of NYC’s indie music scene, come back next Wednesday, and check out the archives for previous columns.


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