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NYC Scene Report – Forth Wanderers, Field Mouse, & more
Wednesday, August 31, 2016

This week's NYC Scene Report features indie rockers Forth Wanderers serving up some tasty "Slop," a gaze into "The Mirror" of Field Mouse, a "Vacancy" being filled by R&B singer DUVV, and some tears shed by singer-songwriter SEE.

* Sometimes I wander a bit in the NYC Scene Report, and I can think of no better way to wander into New Jersey than with Montclair indie rockers Forth Wanderers.

To say they're fresh faces would be an understatement. Of the band's five members, four are in their junior year of college, and frontwoman Ava Trilling just graduated high school this June.

While their faces may be fresh, they've been paying their dues as a band since 2013, and will be releasing their latest EP, Slop, in November. Trilling says of the content of the EP, "I was going through a weird time, but these songs felt great to write. With every song (guitarist) Ben (Guterl) sent me, lyrics would ultimately pour out."

Already a dynamic presence, on the title track Trilling sings "I love too much, to hurt this bad." Check it out, and wander into something great.

* Although two of their members live in Philly, while the other three reside in NYC, when Field Mouse comes together they make great indie rock with pop music leanings.

Their sophomore album, Episodic, was released last month, and in support of the album the band is hitting the road for a full US tour with Cymbals Eat Guitars, and Wildhoney, from September 8th to October 16th.

Before you catch them on the road, catch them right here, by checking out their infectious song, "The Mirror." That is, unless you're a vampire, because we all know vampires and mirrors don’t mix. I have no idea if I have a strong vampire readership, but I think I'm about to find out.

* If you're looking for some smooth R&B, look no further than DUVV. The NYC singer wrote her first song in a dorm room in Seoul, Korea, in 2013. Not exactly the kind of place one would assume an R&B career would begin, but take a listen to her latest single, "Vacancy," which was produced by Coke Jazz, and you might start searching all the dorm rooms in Seoul for R&B talent.

DUVV says of “Vacancy,” which will be on her forthcoming mixtape, With You In Mind, due out in 2017, "(Coke Jazz and I) built 'Vacancy' from scratch, and tapped into our interpretations of ‘vacancy,’ and ‘empty space.’ In a way, 'Vacancy' is an exploration of the spaces we sometimes don’t like to admit are there. It’s an exploration of where we put our anger, our insecurities, our disappointments – essentially, pieces of our humanity."

If there's a vacancy in your R&B playlist, fill it with this single from DUVV.

* Twenty year old Long Island-based singer-songwriter SEE made her NYC Scene Report debut last month, and this week she's back with a new single titled "She Cries."

The song, which is off her of debut EP, Ties, would fit in perfectly on modern Top 40 radio, as she strums on her guitar, and sings with a voice that seems like it was made to move people emotionally.

The video for "She Cries" features the romance, and the pain, of two dancers, one of whom is addicted to pills. If you didn't already know popping pills and dancing don't mix, you definitely will after watching this!

For more of the best of NYC’s indie music scene, come back next Wednesday, and check out the archives for previous columns.


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