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NYC Scene Report – T-Rextasy, Jackal Onasis, & more
Wednesday, June 08, 2016

This week’s NYC Scene Report features T-Rextasy wanting to be punk rockers, Jackal Onasis being a big deal, something strange from indie rockers Operator, and the “space rock” of Tiergarten.

* How can anyone possibly resist a band named T-Rextasy that describes themselves as, "Dashing dino dames straight outta NYC?" I know I can’t.

The punk rock inspired fivesome's debut album, Jurassic Punk, is due out June 17th, and features the single "I Wanna Be a Punk Rocker." The song is a fun mixture of old school punk rock, and 80s rock n roll, sort of like an updated version of The Go-Go's, but with a little more attitude, and cheekiness.

Give T-Rextasy a listen, and see if they inspire you to wanna be a punk rocker.

* Speaking of NYC rock bands with unbelievably great names, up next is Brooklyn trio Jackal Onasis, who will be releasing their debut EP, Big Deal Party, on June 24th.

Jackal Onasis was originally a bi-coastal band, with Alex Molini and Jordyn Blakely (the latter formerly of column favorite Butter The Children) sharing files until Molini eventually moved to Brooklyn in 2015. At that point the duo were joined by Chris "Ghoul Man" Colli, and the band was complete.

The trio describe the unique way they came together, saying the band was, "Formed out of an unquenchable need to watch TV, and with generally having nothing to do."

Check out the video for the title track off of Big Deal Party, and do something with Jackal Onasis.

* I've featured indie rockers Operator here a number of times, and they're back again this week with a brand new video for their latest single, "Bebop Radiohaus."

"Bebop Radiohaus" is off of Operator's Matérielmusik EP, which was released back in February. The video for the song was directed by the band's own Dana Hirsch, and features everything from booty shaking, to a man being groped/molested by hands clad in dishwashing gloves.

Hey, I like weird. If you like weird, too, especially weird accompanied by great indie synth rock, check out "Bebop Radiohaus," and catch Operator on their current tour, which lasts through June 19th.

* Brooklyn “space rock” trio Tiergarten (not to be confused with former Mets backup catcher Taylor Teagarden), want to invite you to a Magnificent Desolation. Magnificent Desolation being the name of the band’s debut EP, due out June 17th.

The lead single off of Magnificent Desolation is "Aeons (Infinity Glow)," which Tiergarten vocalist/guitarist Alex von Klemperer discussed the meaning of, in a statement, saying, "The lyrics for 'Aeons (Infinity Glow)' were influenced by a few people, but mostly focused on a friend. It's about trying to save them from their self destruction, only to realize that you can't help them. They can only help themselves, which makes it very difficult to watch. The song ties in with the theme of the album. Finding yourself in your darkest moments, and using it to do something positive. Finding the light at the end of the tunnel, even if it takes Aeons."

If you like your indie rock with some depth, give "Aeons (Infinity Glow)" a spin, and explore Tiergarten's Magnificent Desolation

For more of the best of NYC’s indie music scene, come back next Wednesday, and check out the archives for previous columns.


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