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Vid Pick: Unity Lewis – Free The Funk
Friday, May 13, 2016

If your Friday isn't funky enough, allow Unity Lewis to make things right. The Bay Area artist, joined by the likes of Amuka, Sly Stone, Bebe, and George Clinton, has created an anthem for anyone in need of some pure, unadulterated, funk.

The song is called "Free The Funk," and once you click play, not only will the funk be freed, but you'll be freed, as well. Free to nod your head, free to rock in your chair, or wherever you happen to be seated, even if it's the subway, and free to get up and dance. In fact, if you don't do at least two out of three of those things, I'm going to recommend you play the song twice, to really let the funk soak into your soul.

Here's hoping for even more songs like this one from Unity Lewis!


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