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Friday, May 27, 2016

Megaciph is an emcee who has never been interested in mincing words, or sugar coating the truth, and his latest, "All Dreams Anyway," is a lyrical calling out of America for the lies the country continues to tell itself.

"'All Dreams Anyway' comes from the reality that far too many young men of color are faced with, and me having lived that reality," Megaciph said in a statement. "I was a knucklehead doing knucklehead things for too many years of my life. A lot of it was anger left over from the Marine Corps, and from the pain and daily struggle of being Black in this racist society. The American dream is broken, and we celebrate it every day, so this is a cynical portrayal of that celebration with the internal struggle made visual for the audience."

100% of sales of "All Dreams Anyway" will go to VeteransForPeace.org, and you can pick up the single on MegaCiph's bandcamp page.


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