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NYC Scene Report - Giselle Mynx, Wakey Wakey, & more
Wednesday, September 16, 2015

This week’s NYC Scene Report features the singer-songwriter stylings of both Giselle Mynx, and Wakey Wakey, dance pop from Skylar Spence, and a motivating hip-hop track from Sav Killz that will get you totally amped up.

* It would be tough not to notice Brooklyn, by way of Hollywood, singer-songwriter Giselle Mynx. A head full of pink hair tends to grab people's attention. Her hair, however, is just the entry point when it comes to getting to know Mynx, who looks to give the summer a proper musical send-off with her latest single, "Sprung Free."

Mynx described the song in a statement, saying, "'Sprung Free' is about leaving home in pursuit of your dreams. I wrote 'Sprung Free' as an answer to 'She’s Leaving Home' by The Beatles, and 'Born to Run' by Springsteen, but what it feels like in a girl’s shoes, or in my case, stilettos.”

Check out Mynx enjoying her freedom on "Sprung Free."

* Wakey Wakey has already made a pretty big name for himself in the indie singer-songwriter world, as he has a devoted group of fans, some of whom even sport tattoos of his lyrics. Expect that dedication, and fan base, to grow in the coming months, as Wakey Wakey will be releasing a new digital EP, titled Homeless Poets, on September 25th, followed by a new full length album, Overreactivist, in early 2016.

Having spent well over a decade in the scene, Wakey Wakey's success hasn't come easily. This is why his upcoming work is being described as "an affirmation of a truly independent spirit on something of a crusade."

Give the title track of Homeless Poets a listen, and hear why Wakey Wakey’s music connects so deeply with listeners.

* Skylar Spence has been a column favorite for a while, and for good reason; everything the Long Island native puts out is a little slice of pop perfection.

Spence's latest is "I Can't Be Your Superman." No, it's not a cover of the Eminem classic, "Superman." Rather, Spence says the song is about, "a friend of mine who was living very dangerously for a while. Around the time I wrote the song, I realized I was an enabler of this behavior by not acknowledging the problem, but things soured as soon as I opened my mouth about it."

It's a deep topic, but the song, which will be on Skylar Spence's upcoming album Prom King, is still 100% dance floor ready. Give it a spin, and don’t be afraid to bust a move in your seat.

* If you've been involved in NYC's indie hip-hop scene at all over the past decade you've seen Sav Killz, either on a stage, in the crowd at a show, or hustling his albums outside of a venue. One might think always being everywhere would become exhausting, but with his latest single, Sav Killz is announcing he, and his team, are "Here To Stay."

“Here To Stay” is the first single off of the Brooklyn emcee's recently released ten song effort, Immovable Kings, and it is a New York City hip-hop track, through and through.

The musical equivalent of downing an entire four pack of energy drinks, click play on "Here To Stay," and get ridiculously amped up.

For more of the best of NYC’s indie music scene, come back next Wednesday, and check out the archives for previous columns.


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