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Tuesday, May 07, 2013

A handful of months ago New York City dance pop artist Kelsey was playing ping pong with former *NSYNC member Chris Kirkpatrick in his Orlando, FL, home. Games were going on in-between writing and recording sessions, as the two worked on a song, “Liar Liar,” for Kelsey’s EP, Out Of This World. It was a scene Kelsey says was a little surreal.

“I went to the studio in his house,” she remembers, “(He has an) amazing house. Platinum *NSYNC records, Teen Choice Awards, all sorts of cool shit.” She admits “I was taking my iPhone out when he wasn’t looking, and taking pictures,” but after getting a look at the memorabilia, and covertly snapping a few shots of her favorite pieces, the two got down to the business of writing music.

Kelsey describes her time working with Kirkpatrick as, “An amazing experience,” adding, “not only did I write a really cool song with him, but I learned so much. His level of experience is incredible. I was just soaking it in, absorbing everything he told me.”

It was a new high for Kelsey, who’s been singing for the better part of a decade. Many remember her as the lead singer of Kelsey and the Chaos. The high energy pop rock band toured the US twice, being on the bill for Warped Tour in 2009 and 2010. It was during those tours that Kelsey developed quite the fan base. One member of that fan base, however, took things a little too far one night, creating quite the awkward moment.

Kelsey remembers the incident, which happened on her tour bus, while she was sleeping. “A girl tried to get into my bunk.”

Suddenly very awake, Kelsey didn’t take kindly to the intrusion, and strongly suggested the girl leave. Surprisingly, the incident wouldn’t even come close to being the most interesting opportunity she’d be presented with while on the road.

After parting ways with her band, Kelsey performed as a part of the next two Warped Tours as a solo artist, moving away from the rock sound she had in previous years, and fully embracing her dance pop side. Prominent gay club DJ, DJ Steve Sidewalk, took notice, and really liked what he heard. Kelsey recalls their initial meeting, saying, “He said, ‘I service these clubs. I’ve been following you since you were in the band. Would you like to start playing these clubs?’”

Kelsey’s answer was a resounding yes. DJ Steve Sidewalk took her under his wing, and the result has been numerous club shows, and Kelsey’s recently released EP, Out Of This World. The video for the album’s lead single, “In For The Kill,” has already racked up over 50k views on Vevo.

Performances for Kelsey have moved from the Warped Tour stages, to the gay clubs of New York City, where she says even though she’s straight, “I found a home.” Nights begin late, as Kelsey rarely hits the stage before 1AM, but once she does she says, “It’s a wild scene,” noting she witnessed just about everything, including, “Lots of drag queens and nudity.”

The former is actually something she sees on a regular basis, as one of her best friends, who is also her makeup artist and stylist, is a drag queen. Kelsey, however, still hasn’t had the opportunity to perform at a drag show.

While she doesn’t know if a drag show is in her future, Kelsey knows a new single is, as is an accompanying music video, both of which will be coming out in time for summer. There might even be a possible ping pong rematch with Chris Kirkpatrick, and he better be ready, because as club goers in the city know, Kelsey goes “In For The Kill.”

Interview originally ran on Arena.com.


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