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Soarse Spoken Bio
Thursday, July 12, 2012

They say to never judge a man until you’ve walked a mile in his shoes. When you listen to Miami emcee Soarse Spoken you may feel like you share a pair.

It’s been over five years since Soarse Spoken last released an album (Third World Prophecies, 2007), but the break was a necessary one. After a bad experience with an independent label he needed a hiatus from the music industry. During the time between then and now Soarse Spoken worked a nine to five job and with that went through the same trials and tribulations as everyone else. The fact that he also promoted parties at night made him Miami’s ultimate version of the hard working everyman.

Now Soarse Spoken is back on the mic, and is ready to go from being an everyman, to making music for the everyman.

First up is the August release of his mixtape, Starve The Hunger, which will be followed by the fall release of his official album, Rawcenticity. Soarse Spoken is releasing Starve The Hunger and Rawcenticity as a one-two punch to simultaneously reintroduce himself to the world and show his artistic growth. “Starve The Hunger is a presentation saying ‘I’ve been gone for a minute, but here, I’m back, and this is what I sound like now.’ My album’s going to be more like ‘this is the artist I’ve evolved into.’” The production on the albums illustrates this change with Starve The Hunger having sample based beats, and Rawcenticity having more of an electric sound.

What both projects have in common is their subject matter, as Soarse Spoken makes each of his songs “a life story in under four minutes.” These stories cover “the ups and downs of life from the eye of a guy who lives in Miami, used to live in northern North America, used to live in South America, has traveled to Europe, has dated, has loved, and has felt heartache, but loves life.”

Following in the footsteps of the great hip-hop albums of the past, each project has just one man, or team, behind the boards. Starve The Hunger was produced entirely by DJ Sharpsound, while Rawcenticity was produced by the duo Model.Fragment. Soarse Spoken’s lyrical delivery over all of their beats is extremely lucid. This comes from his history in the spoken word scene, which is where the “Spoken” half of name comes from. The “Soarse” half is meant to invoke the idea of soaring, which he is well on his way to doing again.

After over five years of keeping his life stories to himself, Soarse Spoken’s hunger has once again become too big to ignore. “I’m hungry to make music,” he says, “and I’ve been starving this hunger for this long. Now I’m ready.”

With the upcoming release of Starve The Hunger, and Rawcenticity, both Soarse Spoken, and hip-hop fans everywhere, will have some of their hunger satiated.

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