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Review - MegaFault
Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A huge earthquake is ripping through the country on a destructive trail that could possibly make for the end of the world and only Brittany Murphy, playing a seismologist, and Eriq La Salle, playing a demolition / explosives pro, can save the day. Sounds like a recipe for low budget sci-fi success, right? Well, not quite.

With a cast that includes the aforementioned Brittany Murphy (RIP) and Eriq La Salle, and the SyFy network's seal of approval, I expected a good time from MegaFault, a la Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus. MegaFault, however, takes itself a little too seriously to be the good time ride that it could have been.

Most of the characters in MegaFault are ridiculously one dimensional, and that one dimension is beaten into your brain. The writing is bad, and for the most part it’s not in a fun way. What's most annoying is the way the obvious is constantly pointed out. I know this isn’t a film that was made for people to find intricacies in, but let us at least let us pretend to think a little bit.

MegaFault has its fun moments. There’s what seems like 20 minutes of explosions at the end (and I will say if you create a drinking game based on explosions this movie could get exponentially better), and one ludicrous scene where Murphy’s character’s husband, who we know nothing about other than he’s not the breadwinner and he’s overly pretty, suddenly becomes an action hero and unhooks a tanker from a speeding truck.

Overall, MegaFault’s most mega of fault is its seriousness. I know that sounds odd after those last two scene descriptions, but it’s a movie where you keep waiting for that laugh out loud moment that never comes.

Enjoyability: 2 out of 5


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