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Artist Of The Week - Deathrow Tull
Monday, October 11, 2010

If you’re longtime readers of this site you already know who brokeMC and Dyalekt are (picture L to R w/ singer Ihsan in-between). They’ve been featured here individually, and as members of the MINDSpray crew. Recently, they decided to team up for a project they’re calling Deathrow Tull. A funky hip-hop ride that manages to be both fun and timely, Deathrow Tull is already becoming well known throughout Brooklyn for their live performances, one of which even included an MTA piñata to help them express how they felt about the potential fare hikes. This week I took a swing at finding out more about Deathrow Tull, including how it will affect brokeMC and Dyalekt’s solo careers, the intricacies of working with a live band, and what they can’t stand about each other.

Adam Bernard: A lot of people know who brokeMC is, and a lot of people know who Dyalekt is. What inspired you to join forces to create Deathrow Tull, and when, approximately did that inspiration hit?
brokeMC: Dy and I were drinking sake on the roof of the Opera House (lofts) one night last winter when an alien vessel hovered above us. It threatened to destroy the planet if we didn't create something ruthlessly funky. So we really had no choice.
Dyalekt: The rude Humanist has it wrong. We were in the ship. Native & Zentwo made it.

Adam Bernard: Of all the people you could possibly team up with, why did you choose this particular person?
Dyalekt: This shoulda been done happened, before my grammar got all bad and such whatnot. The first MINDSpray joint I recorded was a lil duet called “Muerte la Petit” with broke. Conscious, of eklektic gardens & Bondfire fame, was supposed to be on the track, but he balked when broke told him he wanted to rap about a girl on it. I decided to flip it and came with a concept that was darker and more fun. Deathrow Tull probably started there, broke just needed to get more rude and I had to find my inner explosiveness, figuratively speaking of course. That's how the rude Humanist & WMD Dubois, AKA Deathrow Tull, came about.

Adam Bernard: Where do you go musically with Deathrow Tull that you don’t with any of your solo projects, or your work with Mindspray?
brokeMC: Production-wise I really wanted to make some danceable tracks. I think we both wanted some catchy hooks. Besides that, we kind of came up with a theme for the band, which I see as just an embellishment of our own philosophies, and dug in.
Dyalekt: My solo work is often based in telling some form of linear story, my collaborative work with MINDSpray and others normally revolves around ideas, but with Deathrow Tull we're dealing strictly with the vibe. Maya Angelou said “people will forget what you said, or what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel.” I don't know the words to many of my favorite songs, but I can hum off key and dance to em. That heat in your chest when your jam comes on, and the sweat from your brow when it ends, that's what Deathrow Tull is about.

Adam Bernard: This summer you released an EP titled Little Taste, which was intended to be a little taste of what you’re up to. When will get a big taste, and how much will that big taste differ from the little taste?
brokeMC: I believe that a delicious appetizer is an excellent indication of an amazing meal to follow. Expect plenty of gravy and pudding.
Dyalekt: I'll be bringing the hot sauce. New music soon come, like the Neverclear project - we're gonna go all George Lucas with the CGI button with classic tunes - but we want to present Little Taste visually a couple more times. Oh and the next record's gonna be in 3D.

Adam Bernard: Speaking of visuals, your live shows have become talked about events. I know every show is different, but what’s a live Deathrow Tull show like? Where do you take the audience and why do you think they leave talking about it?
brokeMC: We don't hold back. If it were like a Gallagher comedy show, we treat ourselves as the watermelon. If we didn't put on a show that had the audience floating out of the building then we wouldn't be doing our job.
Dyalekt: We've been able to get Brooklyn hard rocks and BK hipsters alike to dance with their eyes closed. The MTA piñata at the last show didn't get out of hand, but it was close. We love having the live art too, usually with Marthalicia of M-Squared Art and The Artist's Process. We aim to do more than ask you to stare at bands for three hours.

Adam Bernard: I’m glad you mentioned bands, because Deathrow Tull isn’t just you two, it’s also a full band. What have you found to be some of the quirks and intricacies of working with a band?
brokeMC: I made out with our guitarist's ex-girlfriend and then he left the band. That sucked, but I think he's coming back.
Dyalekt: I love rhyming with a band. Beats are dope, but the rhythm is so static. Our drummer, Evan "Every Part of the Buffalo" Berg, is human and makes imperfect patterns, and that's a lot of fun to rhyme over. Plus we get to do cover songs. My favorite part is that it gives me license to dance on stage more. Gotta be cognizant of what everyone is doing, either by ear, eye contact, or vibe. It's a heckuva cypher that doesn't use words.

Adam Bernard: Do you see the band bringing in a new audience for both of you?
Dyalekt: They better, or they don't eat. I don't do the politics of fandom too well. I always want people to have fun with me, whether thinking or feeling. This time we focus on the funk, and have longer hooks, so if you're into that, be our new audience.
brokeMC: I think we're just at a point where our energy is really focused. We set out to make something awesome and so far people are responding positively.

Adam Bernard: Do you think there will ever be a time when Deathrow Tull will be your main musical outlet, overtaking your solo careers?
Dyalekt: Nothing will ever overtake my shower singing career. I hope to be Tulling it up until I can't dance no more, even chair-dancing, but I'll probably have different ideas along the way, too.
brokeMC: I see it more as an expansion than a replacement. Obviously, I think we'll be putting energy into what most people respond to, but I don't see our solo efforts being eclipsed by Deathrow Tull, hopefully just accentuated.

Adam Bernard: Finally, what do you absolutely hate about your partner in rhyme?
brokeMC: Sometimes Dy shows up with cookies but no milk. I hate that.
Dyalekt: brokeMC is a talented emcee, bassist, painter, playwright, actor, producer, promoter, & engineer. That's all the stuff he's good at that I can think of off the top of my head. That's what I hate about him. All can do good is rap, barely. I can't even tie my shoes without help.

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