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Artist Of The Week - Premonition
Monday, May 17, 2010

The first time I heard Premonition was the remix to “Double Time” that was on the Spills & Jesse Abraham album Alphabutter. The song featured half a dozen of NY’s finest and when Premonition’s verse came on my initial reaction was “damn, who’s the dude with the deep-ass voice of God?” Then I started listening to his lyrics and thought “damn, the voice of God has some serious skills!” Over the next few months I’d run into Premonition at a number of shows and find that in addition to being able to shine on a track he can also rock a mic live. A truly passionate emcee, this week I caught up with Premonition to find out more about that passion, who’s going to end up on his future tour bus, and his strange connection with comedian Judah Freidlander.

Adam Bernard: Let’s start with a background check: where are you from, when and how did your path in music start, and how did you end up in the position you’re in today?
Premonition: My background in music extends to a very young age, probably around age nine when an older kid in my neighborhood gave me a cassette of 36 Chambers, which I hid from my mother successfully for years. The album changed my life. I was a nine year old white kid in the burbs reciting every quip from the Genius and every drunken rambling from ODB. From then on I basically did everything possible to find out more about hip-hop as a whole. I was born and raised in a pretty average suburb outside of Philly. I collected vinyl and taught myself how to make beats at about 16. I ran with my mellow Dark Merlin and formed a crew called Central Intelligence, which is still intact with a third member, Nuisance. We’re dropping an album this summer titled Beautiful Dystopia. Together we stole records from yard sales and practiced our skills over blunts and every now and then drank a whole lot of booze and went down to Philly to catch whoever was coming into town and, of course, jumped in the cypher! I recorded semi-seriously during college while I "studied" journalism and PR. We were lucky enough to able to open up for some dope cats that came through during that period, like Killah Priest, C-Rayz Walz, Edo G, Slaine and Reef the Lost Cauze, but it wasn't until I graduated in 2008 that I realized I had to break out of the frame of the small town. I made the move to NY, more specifically, Washington Heights, with little more than two months rent and a new job. My most vivid memory was moving every item I owned on the train from 163rd and Amsterdam to Jefferson St. in Bushwick after a tumultuous two months, knowing one day I'd be telling this story to a journalist. I was determined to spread my name and work as hard as possible at this music. It was my first endeavor as a solo artist.

Adam Bernard: A premonition is a forewarning. Why is this a fitting name for you? What’s Premonition’s premonition?
Premonition: I’ve always loved the power of words. Certain words conjure up powerful connotations and I always felt Premonition was one. I was attracted to the fact that it is a forewarning. It may be good, it may be bad, but it is always right {laughs}. My Premonition is I will be successful, and in life or in death my music will eventually reach the ears of many many people.

Adam Bernard: I know after making guest appearances on a number of songs you’re now working on a solo album. What can you tell me about the album? What’s the vibe going to be? What can people expect from it?
Premonition: The album is a labor of love, without a doubt. It’s attempting to paint the portrait of myself to people who haven't the slightest clue about me. It’s part autobiographical, part braggadocio, part conceptual, but it never strays from the elements of hip-hop. Shouts to Willie Green for being the chief engineer, a hell of a producer, and a great dude. Shouts to Sleepwalkas, Cavalier, L.I.F.E Long, C-Rayz Walz and Dyalekt for blessing me on the guest spots. And mega-shouts to Willie Green, KO Beatz and Spills for the illest of the soundscapes. You can expect a front to back album that will captivate you with it’s personality and diversity in late June. The Build shall be built.

Adam Bernard: Other than painting a portrait of yourself, what do you want to make sure gets across on The Build?
Premonition: I want people to know how serious I take this art form. I want them to know that there isn't a second of my life that I take this culture for granted. It’s cliche to say, but it saved my life and I am beyond thankful to be a participant in it. I hold the elements of hip-hop very closely and I am having fun doing this! Oh yeah, and I truly believe my skills are world class. You will find something you like about this project, unless, of course, you currently have Nicki Minaj in heavy rotation.

Adam Bernard: Thankfully, that’s not an issue here. Something that’s always an issue, however, is the sheer number of emcees in NYC’s scene. In what ways do you feel you stand out?
Premonition: I’d say my versatility and consistency. I can write a narrative story, a personal song, stick to concepts, or just flip some intricate wordplay to get a response. I want to be known as one of the most consistent cats on the scene, not only in NY, but throughout hip-hop in general. This scene makes you check your ego. If you don't come with it at every show, open mic, or collabo, you can fall behind. My reputation is being built on the strength of my attention to this craft.

Adam Bernard: I know you don’t want the paparazzi finding you everywhere, but give me a few of your favorite homes away from home. Are they all music related?
Premonition: I love the parks in NY. They can really inspire you when you’re feeling uninspired. I enjoy watching people from all walks of life congregate on a daily basis in the greatest city in the world. And if all that fails, I enjoy dive bars.

Adam Bernard: Let’s say you’re world famous and touring the country. What goes on in the Premonition tour bus and with whom does it go on with?
Premonition: Oh man, well I would bring my crew Central from back home, without a doubt. Then I would probably bring some of the artists from my album because me and the Sleepwalkas can get it in, me and L.I.F.E. kick it outside of music quite frequently, Dy is my homeboy, Cav is just too ill and criminally underrated, Willie Green because he's my man, and C-Rayz Walz is the most unpredictable cat I’ve ever caused trouble with. Outside of that I’d bring the homies Jesse Abraham, Warren Britt and Spills vs feleciacruz because I got tons of love for them in and out of music. And you, Adam, because someone has to document the carnage. There would be a high level of shenanigans going on almost round the clock. We would channel the mayhem of 80's hair bands through indie hip-hop.

Adam Bernard: I’m looking forward to being on that bus! Finally, what’s this I hear about a weird connection with comedian Judah Freidlander?
Premonition: I just run into that cat on the randomness. A few times on St. Mark’s cuz I work and live near there, then randomly in my gym, trademark cheeky trucker hat and all. Good dude.

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posted by Adam Bernard @ 7:30 AM  
  • At 9:19 AM, Blogger Warren said…

    Congrats Premonition this joint is on point. Shout Out to Adam B. ALWAYS showing love to the dopest Hip Hop Acts

  • At 1:30 PM, Blogger Dyalekt said…

    Prem Rock's album is gonna be insane. I'll be proud to have the wackest verse on it.

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