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Happ G - Ten Years of Good Karma
Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Karma Response Unit Records is a growing indie hip-hop label based in Philadelphia that over the past ten years has become a highly respected David amidst a sea of Goliaths. Label founder Happ G came up with a plan in 2009 to release nine projects in ’09 and then ten in ’10. The thought was a good one, but it was a little too much to handle. “I got to the point where ’09 was quickly winding down and I had to say look, that’s ridiculous, 19 is ridiculous.” While the nine in ’09 didn’t happen, Happ G has KRU Records all set to release ten projects in 2010 and this week he sat down with me to talk about the bold endeavor, as well as the time he used dental floss to promote an album, and his predictions for the next decade in music. Here are some of the highlights from the interview:

On seeing KRU Records alongside Wu-Tang and Gangstarr on the cue sheet for an MTV2 show:
That moment of looking down, and whether I felt like really in my gut at that moment that we belonged or that we sort of snuck in the back door, looking down and seeing our names mixed in amongst that company felt pretty incredible.

On releasing ten projects in 2010:
Even if at the end of this year things haven’t panned out exactly the way I need them to, financially or otherwise, I can be proud that I personally tried to do something by putting these ten things out this year.

On his long term hopes for the decade:
I’m hoping we get to the point where CDs become a throwback thing and they start coming back again and people start to see there is a value to a physical product.

Read the full interview at RapReviews.com.


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