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Artist Of The Week - X-Plane
Monday, November 16, 2009

A couple months ago X-Plane sent me a video for his song “Witout Spinach Popeye Get Black Eyes.” I dug both the concept of the song and X-Plane’s flow. A few weeks later he sent me another video and I noticed an interesting common thread - they were both shot in what looked to be an unfinished house. He had a couple more videos that were also done in the same location and as the clips started piling up, so did my interest in X-Plane’s work. This week I caught up with X-Plane to find out more about his music, his secret video shooting location, and why if you need a MetroCard he’s the emcee you want to see (could a collab with Miz Metro be in his future?).

Adam Bernard: Start everyone off with a little background info. Explain X-Plane.
X-Plane: Explain X-Plane? Well, I can start by saying, with a verb talking about a noun there's bound to be action. Born in-between a 3 train and Kings County Hospital in Brooklyn, NYC, I rhyme and compose music that’s pretty unknown to the average ear. I was known as "Radio Raheem" throughout most of my childhood, and a decade of my adult life, because I carried a radio everywhere I went, including weddings, funerals, baby showers and graduations. I'm also a home schooling parent. Shout out to my Children - Prince, Indigo and X-Plane Jr.

Adam Bernard: What is X-Plane looking to explain with his work?
X-Plane: Now we're dealing with the noun using the verb to explain a noun. OK, well my first album, Full X-Planations, which hasn’t been released yet, covers issues I see, have been through, wondered about, found interesting, or felt should be covered. For instance, part of this album is a series of songs based on a woman, a man, and a child. The series starts off with "You Are the Father," a song about the infamous Maury Povich Show. All three characters, including the son, speak out on "No Holds Barred." Next we have "Angry," which is based on the woman being angry to any new man she encounters, on down to her son, who reminds her too much of his father, who's a deadbeat and in her mind a total loser. So with all of that going on "The Black Prince" of it all pens a composition titled "I'm Your Son, Too" where he has a strong, meaningful conversation with his mother about the importance of his father's place in his life. He also vows to never give up on his father and offers prayers and words of encouragement.

Adam Bernard: That sounds really amazing and unique. Speaking of unique, we have to talk about your videos, many of which are shot in one very unique location. It almost looks like an unfinished house. Where did you find this spot and what went into your decision to shoot there?
X-Plane: The building is called The Secret Location to most, built with 89 foot ceilings in 1897 it has a special place in my heart. Over 75% of my album was written and composed there. Shooting a video was actually a fan's idea. They wanted to see me perform, so I did what needed to be done.

Adam Bernard: Rhyme-wise you’re a little different from your peers. Explain you style and the way you ride a beat.
X-Plane: Rhyme-wise I write more than just a poem because it’s more of a power statement on top of a power statement. No lyric gets by the final analysis without being "Lyrically Halal." I ride the beat like a conductor in an orchestra, allowing the beat to follow in close unison. My style has what I like to call a vintage delivery with “no gimmicks or trendy discoveries.” I deal with concepts in most of my songs. KRS-One played a major part in my motivation to write outside the box. "You Must Learn” remains one of my favorite songs ever, and I love showing my kids the video.

Adam Bernard: While we’re on the subject of writing outside the box, tell me about “Witout Spinach Popeye Get Black Eyes.” What inspired the song and are there any hidden meanings?
X-Plane: "Witout Spinach Popeye Get Black Eyes" WOW! It was born the day my two sons and I were watching Popeye. I was telling them if Popeye would eat his Spinach daily he wouldn't have Brutus as a problem. As we continued talking I said to X-Plane Jr., “see, Witout Spinach Popeye Get Black Eyes," and I felt that feeling I get when an idea inspires me, so I decided to not just take it to Popeye, I invited 53 other "Super Hero Sandwiches" for the bashing.

Adam Bernard: Is “Popeye” going to be on Full X-Planations?
X-Plane: Yes, and it’s also available on the limited edition Unfair Is Fare EP, the title song of which is about the subway situation, with the fare going up and the service going down. I wrote it at a time when the fare had just went up and I was giving away MetroCards with every mix-CD donation, so basically you paid a quarter to ride the subway (if you bought the CD). Anyone interested in making a donation and obtaining my CD in return can contact me directly. I will deliver to any of the five boroughs and New Jersey!

Adam Bernard: Finally, everyone knows emcees are supposed to be cool, but I’ma have you flip that idea. Tell me about the LEAST cool thing you’ve done, or worn, in your life and when and where it happened.
X-Plane: The least cool thing I ever did would have to be the day I hurt someone who really loved me. I had angered her a lot, put her through a lot, and expected her to treat me the same. When she didn't it triggered my reaction of being worse to her and a whole lot of bitterness developed towards each other. I regret what happened, and she means the world to me. Without a doubt, she knows who she is.

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posted by Adam Bernard @ 7:12 AM  
  • At 5:23 PM, Blogger Homeboy Sandman said…

    brother xplane in the place to train. this cat is a gifted writer and a purveyor of truth.

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