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Artist Of The Week - Stacye Branché
Monday, November 30, 2009

When I decided I wanted to feature Stacye Branché as an Artist Of The Week it was because I’d heard her latest album, The Evolution To Living In Truth, and thought she was a talented singer. After sitting down with her I found out she’s also one very well connected lady. How else would one describe someone who’s collaborated with an artist based on a recommendation by Dr. Dre? And that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Branché. During our interview I also learned about her music, her history, and her unique connection with DJ Khalil.

Adam Bernard: Start me off with some background info.  Tell me about where you're from and what some of the bigger musical moments of your life were growing up.
Stacye Branché: I grew up in Los Angeles and studied classical music at Palisades High School. I actually considered becoming an opera singer, but as luck would have it I landed a record deal right out of high school, so my life went in a direction far away from opera. My record deal didn’t go as well as I would have liked it to, though, so I sat out the remainder of my seven year contract.  By the time the deal was over I couldn’t seem to get another one, so I set out to try and put out my music on my own.  With technology on my side I was able to put out my CD I Believe in 2000, For The Man I Love in 2004, and now The Evolution To Living In Truth.

Adam Bernard: When I listen to your work I think of you as a jazz singer.  1) Do you feel that's a fair assessment? Feel free to tell me I'm crazy if you think so. And 2) what do you consider some of the finer points of your style?  i.e. What makes a song a Stacye Branché song?
Stacye Branché: I could see how you would think of me as a jazz singer.  I grew up listening to Barbara Streisand, Dinah Washington, and other great vocalists, so I have no doubt that has had a great deal of influence over me and how I sing. I would say that my the finer points of my style are that I have been blessed with an incredible range and that my musical exposure gives me the ability to cross genres.  I would like to hope that what makes a song a Stacye Branché song is the interpretation I bring to it.

Adam Bernard: Talk to me about The Evolution to Living in Truth.  How'd you come up with that title and what does it represent to you?
Stacye Branché: Wow, the title The Evolution To Living In Truth was, and is, where I am in my life.  I think that everyone, at some point, reaches the place where they really know themselves; who they are and what they stand for. I think we each evolve to that point.  This album, as well as my new inspirational book, It’s All In How You Look At It, are a look at my journey to finding my truth as a woman, as well as an artist, writer, and producer.

Adam Bernard: On the album you have a song titled "I Was Thinkin’ Maybe" which features production by DJ Khalil.  Most wouldn't think of him for an R&B track.  How did you link up with him?
Stacye Branché: Well, here is an unknown fact about DJ Khalil - he is my brother. Although we share music with each other the thought to work together actually came at the suggestion of Dr. Dre, who asked plainly to me one day, “Why don’t you do a track with your brother?”  Because Khalil and I do different types of music I don’t think we’d ever really thought about working together. I called Khalil up and he said, “You know, I have this track that I’ve been wanting a singer to do.” I heard the track and the rest is history. I am very proud of "I Was Thinkin’ Maybe," and hopefully we will have the opportunity to do another song together. Being a producer for Aftermath Records and working with his group The New Royales, Khalil stays very busy these days.

Adam Bernard: If Dr. Dre is suggesting people for you to work with you are clearly one connected lady. Are there any other collaborations you see in your immediate future? Do you have a wish list?
Stacye Branché: At the moment there are no collaborations planned, but I think every artist has a wish list and I am no exception.  I would love to work with Stevie Wonder, Rashaan Patterson, Donnell Jones, and of course I want another chance to work with DJ Khalil.

Adam Bernard: Moving from the recording studio to the stage; do you have any embarrassing on-stage moments that you're willing to share, or have you been embarrassment free so far?
Stacye Branché: I hate to admit it, but I have forgotten the words to a song while on stage. I faked it and I don’t think the audience could tell, but it has never stopped bothering me.  

Adam Bernard: Ouch! Well, at least no one could tell! Moving to something more positive, where is the most interesting place your music has taken you?
Stacye Branché: I would say the most interesting places that my music has taken me would be the movies. I am honored when someone thinks my music helps them to tell their story, like in the films The Brothers and Biker Boys.  

Adam Bernard: Finally, create your own tabloid headline.  Stacye Branché was found at {BLANK} with {BLANK} doing {BLANK}.  Make it juicy because this is the internet and everyone knows if something is on the internet it has to be true.
Stacye Branché: I am not good with scandal but here is what I would like to see in the press - “Stacye Branché was found at the Grammys with DJ Khalil on stage accepting an award.” It’s not juicy, but it is what I would like to be reading about.

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