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Friday, September 25, 2009

The other day I had an interview with Taryn Manning for an article I’m doing for 101Distribution.com. That feature will be running next month (BTW - it’s really dope. I should know, I just wrote it), but today you can check out some bonus content from our convo, including news on her current film, television and music projects, which Manning jersey she owns, a possible plan for old age, and why if you want to attract her cracking your freshly broken nose back into place in front of her is possibly the worst idea ever (side note – even if you aren’t looking to attract anyone, cracking your freshly broken nose back into place isn’t exactly a mark of genius).

Adam Bernard: Music, television shows, movies… I know what I’m about to ask probably has one heck of a long answer, but what are you currently working on vocally and acting-wise?
Taryn Manning: Acting-wise I have a couple offers in the works. It’s been really funny lately with the industry. There have been so many projects where I’ve literally been like packed up and walking out the door (to start them) and we get this call saying financing fell through. Honestly, my whole summer was like that. It’s just a really wild ride for the entertainment industry right now. That being said, being the kind of artist that I am I can’t just sit around, I’ve always worked since I was 13, so I’m a working girl, almost blue collar. I have to work, whether it be in a movie which is glamorous, or working on my clothing line, Born Uniqorn, which isn’t as glamorous sometimes, when I’m down in the factories and laboring over the silliest thing for hours. I sing and I spend a lot of my free time writing music. I DJ, as well. It’s always gotta be artistic for me. I have a few movies lined up coming out. There’s Love Ranch with Joe Pesci and Helen Mirren. That was directed by Taylor Hackford and it’s gonna be out, hopefully, in the fall. I got a really cool movie called The Perfect Age of Rock n Roll that has Peter Fonda and Jason Ritter that I did a year ago. I have a part in Bonnie and Clyde, and in the meantime I just keep moving forward. I play lots of shows with Boomkat. I was just on an episode of Melrose Place where I played myself and I was actually singing one of my new songs off of my solo record

Adam Bernard: A solo record? Will that be coming out before another Boomkat album?
Taryn Manning: Yeah, it’s lookin that way. My brother and I are starting to write the next Boomkat record, but like I said, I’m just feverishly driven and I just love making music and sometimes my bro can’t keep up with me, so I’m like alright, while you’re taking your time I’m gonna go do this. We still play Boomkat shows, we just did a show where we were on a bill with Ozzy Osbourne, Korn, Shiny Toy Guns, LMFAO and Shwayze and that was awesome, that was so cool for us. What I do on my own as Taryn is kind of a different vibe. It’s like dance music. It’s colorful, flamboyant, if you will. It’s pop, because I want it to be popular, but it’s still different. Boomkat’s a little darker, experimental, like Portishead kind of stuff.

Adam Bernard: You mentioned your guest spot on Melrose Place. Diving further into the TV world, if you were able to create a recurring role for yourself on any television series which would it be?
Taryn Manning: I’d like it to be for a show like Dexter or Nurse Jackie, just one of those weird, left shows. Weeds, stuff like that, HBO, Showtime, FX driven stuff. I had a role on Sons of Anarchy last season, so that kind of vibe.

Adam Bernard: Since you have your own clothing line you’re obviously into fashion. With that in mind I have a very important fashion related question for you - do you own either an Eli or a Peyton jersey? You have to own at least one.
Taryn Manning: Oh, I don’t, actually. It’s so bad, but that whole thing just started happening where everybody thinks that we’re related. It’s like fully on Wikipedia and the whole nine. To be totally honest, this is so bad, I’m kind of a Redskins fan. I was born in Virginia, so my brother is and my dad was and it’s kinda like a rule for me.

Adam Bernard: I’m going to get you an Eli Manning jersey and get you thrown out of your own family.
Taryn Manning: {laughs} I know. Do it. I’ll take that. Definitely.

Adam Bernard: You were involved in an incident that made headlines on the gossip sites earlier this year when your then boyfriend Mams Taylor punched Jesse Metcalfe outside of a nightclub. How did the rest of that night go?
Taryn Manning: He got severely jumped later that night, which wasn’t caught on camera, and had his nose broken by the guy he punched. My boyfriend at the time cracked his nose back into place in front of me and it was really disgusting and it bled and I couldn’t believe what was happening. It was pretty gross. I don’t really like talking about that. We’re not together anymore and that’s not a very happy memory for me. I was pretty traumatized and didn’t really understand what the heck was going on. It’s just like we were out for a nice night and we had just kind of gotten to know each other and I was completely shocked. I had never ever been in a situation like that and I did not know he had that in him and it was not cool to me at all, even though a bunch of guys thought it was cool the way he knocked Jesse out like that I found it to be very immature and very uncool and very low life trash, to be honest.

Adam Bernard: Are you single now?
Taryn Manning: I’m actually in a new relationship and I’m really happy and he’s a really good guy.

Adam Bernard: Our time is almost up, so close out this interview by telling me one special skill you have that nobody knows about.
Taryn Manning: I personally think I make the best breakfast ever. I’ve even had people who call themselves cooks be like oooh, OK, look at you! That’s kinda cool, I think.

Adam Bernard: So when the singing stops, the movies stop, the fashion line stops, in your old age you’re gonna run a bed and breakfast.
Taryn Manning: {laughs} Totally, that sounds fun.

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