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Jay-Z – Rapper, Mogul… Everyman?
Friday, September 11, 2009

On Wednesday night I was at the 40/40 Club (and yes, ESPN was on the screen) for an event that Jay-Z was hosting (big ups to Berk Communications for the invite). First off, I have to give Jay props for being at both this event and doing a concert somewhere else on the same night. I don’t know too many other artists that would even attempt to pull that off, let alone actually make it happen. Secondly, seeing Jay-Z up close and personal, albeit not for any sort of extended period of time, has left me with the idea that through all the fame and money and everything he says in his lyrics, Jay is very comfortable in the role of the everyman.

I know, I haven’t exactly been the biggest Jay-Z supporter in the past. In fact, many have even labeled me a hater for some of my previous blogs about him and although I am in no way going back on anything I have said before, seeing the total nonchalance with which he maneuvered his way through the crowded club really impressed me. I’ve seen a lot of big stars host events, or be special VIP guests, at nightclubs and most of them do their best to make a scene every time they move a muscle. If they’re ordering a drink, they want you to see. If they’re dancing, they want you to see. If they’re going to the bathroom… OK, maybe not every move, but you catch my drift. In Jay’s case, with the exception of the red carpet entrance, which even the former America’s Next Top Model contestants got to walk, he slipped in, made his way around, and made his exit without causing very much of a stir at all. Perhaps he saw everyone having a good time in his club and just wanted to let the vibe keep going. Whatever the case may be, it really upped his cool factor in my eyes because he wasn’t making any attempt to draw all the attention to himself (the people who came just to see Jay may feel differently about this, but hey, you can’t please everyone).

Jay-Z, for all he fame he has, is lucky he can still pull off the everyman role. He seems comfortable in it. I think, and obviously this is just me hazarding a guess here, but I think he knows what he’s accomplished and he’s comfortable enough in what he’s done that he doesn’t feel the need to be the center of attention everywhere he goes.

I may not be a fan of his recent work, but as far as his demeanor goes I gotta give Jay his props. Even though he may give the opposite impression with a lot of his music, he seems to know the definition of cool has nothing to do with being a show off.


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