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Artist Of The Week - Jupiter Rising
Monday, February 02, 2009

Jupiter Rising has been on the scene in some way, shape, or form, since 2006, but don’t feel too bad if you don’t instantly recognize them, founder Spencer Nezey has gone through a number of lineup changes with the group. Enter singer Jessie Payo. Suddenly Jupiter Rising’s lineup is rock solid. The California duo, he from Sacramento and she from Los Angeles, immediately saw the potential in their teaming and started recording together. The resulting sound they’ve created is a mix of pop, Hip-Hop, rock, downtempo, drum n bass and funk. In other words, it’s some really fun, danceable, music most anyone can get down to. With Jupiter Rising’s upcoming album, The Quiet Hype, which happens to be Nezey’s first with Payo, due out in March I caught up with both of them to find out more about their coming together, what makes their teaming work, and the inspiration behind their extensive genre-mixing.

Adam Bernard: Jupiter Rising has gone through a few members over the years. Is this a Menudo situation? What’s going on?
Spencer Nezey: {laughs} It would seem that way, but no, it just took a little time until the project had the right people. Now that it’s Jess and I, I think we're good to go!

Adam Bernard: How did you meet Jessie and when did you know you had to work with her?
Spencer Nezey: I meet Jess around 2006 through some mutual friends. She originally was a backup singer, but she always seemed to shine brighter then the lead singer, so when the time was right and Jupiter Rising needed a new lead singer she was the prefect fit.

Adam Bernard: Jessie, what was your initial reaction when Spencer approached you about being a part of Jupiter Rising?
Jessie Payo: I saw it as a great opportunity and I was very excited. I had to fight my way in, though. Spencer believed in me, but I had to prove it. I auditioned up against over a hundred girls. Needless to say it all worked out.

Adam Bernard: Spencer noted you were a backup singer. Other than your time doing that, were you in any groups before this one?
Jessie Payo: I was in a blues band in my teens with my dad called Jessie and the Raindogs and I started up my own band a couple years ago called the Jessie Payo Band.

Adam Bernard: What makes this Jupiter Rising teaming work?
Spencer Nezey: What makes our teaming work is constant communication on all levels. We’re pretty alike as far what our goals are and that’s what makes a great partnership.
Jessie Payo: And we have a system down in which we work. He’ll give me a few tracks that he’s produced and I’ll take the ones that I feel like I can write to. Once a song’s written, I’ll sing him the song. Once we’ve come together with the song, we’ll tighten it up together. We both come from different musical backgrounds so I think we compliment each other in the process of songwriting.

Adam Bernard: I’m glad you mentioned coming from different background because you describe your music using just about ever genre in the book. What influenced you to be so far ranging?
Jessie Payo: I don’t think we pull from all genres on purpose. Spence and I listen to all kinds of music and I think it just permeates into the productions and songwriting. We’ve always got our ear out for new music and it inspires us. We make music that we feel good about no matter what genre of music it is.
Spencer Nezey: Yeah, we grew up listening to so many different genres of music, so it’s only natural that we create music from every direction. Plus it’s a lot more fun to have lots of variety!

Adam Bernard: Why do you feel the crossing of genres is important? What can be gained by doing it?
Jessie Payo: I think that in crossing genres the right way we can reach a wide variety of people. The more people support our music, the more we get the opportunity to keep on making it.
Spencer Nezey: Crossing genres definitely allows us to create a larger fan base. Especially now, people listen so many different genres of music, so it’s very important to have a universal sound.

Adam Bernard: What do you hope people get out of your work?
Jessie Payo: I want people to dance. I want them to create memories with it. I want people to relate a song to a personal experience in their lives. I just hope that The Quiet Hype inspires.
Spencer Nezey: I hope people get inspired to create and that it gives people a sense of knowing that everyone goes through the same stuff, that you’re not alone. I think this album has a song for everyone.

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