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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

As many of you may have noticed, some changes have started going on here at Adam’s World. Don’t worry, you’re still going to get exactly what you’ve come to know and love from the site, I’ve just made the decision to add a little sumthin sumthin, or I guess technically a few sumthin sumthins, to it. I’m not trying to build a new house, I’m just putting on an addition to one with an already strong foundation. Today I’m going to run down some of the new features of Adam’s World, as well as the classic features that are sticking around, and I’m going to top it all off with a big announcement.

New Features

More Interviews - Last week I started posting up links to interviews I do for other sites and from here on out you’ll continue be in the know as to when I speak with someone for RapReviews.com, BeyondRace.com, the Fairfield County Weekly, and any other site that I may pen something for.

Podcasts - Just yesterday I posted up my latest Adam B Experience podcast on the main page with both the link to the show and the complete playlist. You can expect a new one of those every two weeks.

B-Lister News - B-Lister videos and major B-Lister news will now be featured on the site. This is both to get the news out to people and to help create a true B-Lister community. Of course, this is dependent on a flow of information headed my way, so B-Listers, get at me!

Short Opinion Pieces - When something major happens in the music world I’m planning on writing short opinion pieces and getting them to you ASAP. These won’t be like the long posts I do when I really want to totally cover a subject, but rather a few paragraphs written with the intention of getting a discussion started.

Updates on Me - From pics at shows to videos, it won’t be a constant barrage of vanity by any means, just the occasional “Adam B was here” type of deal.

Not Random Randoms – I will be posting a few random odds and ends here and there, all directly relating to what you’ve come to expect from Adam’s World; good music, good info, good humor (no, not that kind of Good Humor. I’m not handing out ice cream!).

New URL - I finally sprang for adamsworldblog.com. If you already have adambernard.blogspot.com bookmarked, THANK YOU, and don't worry, the new URL won't affect you at all as adamsworldblog.com actually redirects people here. I just felt after five years it was time to make things a little more official.

The Classic Features

Artist Of The Week - I’ve been posting a new Artist Of The Week interview every Monday for over two and a half years and I’m not about to stop now. The B-List will continue to welcome a new member at the start of every week.

Artist Advice - I will still be doling out the artist advice in large chunks with extended columns whenever I either see, or hear of, someone making a mistake, or doing something so outstanding that it deserves to be talked about.

From A to B 90’s Style - From A to B 90’s Style will continue as a monthly feature (every month except December) with Bear Frazer and I giving you our commentary on classic 90’s music videos.

The Big Announcement

Finally, it’s time for the big announcement! Starting on Friday your favorite year end list will be returning as I will be counting down my Top 25 Albums of 2008. Here’s the posting schedule:

Part I: Albums 25-21 - December 12th
Part II: Albums 20-16 – December 17th
Part III: Albums 15-11 – December 19th
Part IV: Albums 10-6 – December 24th
Part V: Albums 5-1 – December 26th

There were A LOT of great albums this year and compiling this list wasn’t easy. I hope you dig it.
posted by Adam Bernard @ 7:39 AM  
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