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The End of an Era – My Last Show at WVOF
Friday, August 29, 2008

For the many readers of Adam’s World who have also tuned in faithfully on Friday nights to listen to The Adam B Experience I have a bit of sad news, tonight’s episode with Tah Phrum Duh Bush (8pm – 10pm est) will be my final one on 88.5FM – Fairfield, CT / wvof.org. The higher ups at Fairfield University have essentially decided to get rid of the vast majority of the urban oriented programming at their station and make it an NPR affiliate, so after nearly five years of broadcasts I will no longer be on the FM dial. That being said, the news is not all bad (spoiler alert - I've already been picked up somewhere else!).

My main concern upon finding out about the changes at WVOF had very little to do with me, but rather the artists I feature on the show every week. The Adam B Experience has been one of the only homes for truly independent Hip-Hop and R&B. I spin acts like Homeboy Sandman and Substantial like commercial radio spins Jay-Z and 50 Cent. My goal in doing this has been to create the kind of repetition in people’s heads when it comes to these fantastic independent artists that the major names have thanks to commercial radio. I really felt like I was doing something great for the independent scene and that it was a perfect add on to my Artist Of The Week features here on Adam’s World. This was something I was doing for them and they knew it. It's why so many artists made the over two hour trek from Brooklyn via the subway and Metro North Railroad on a weekly basis to be guests.

The list of names that made the trip in from NYC, Brooklyn, The Bronx, Queens, New Jersey and, of course, Connecticut, is incredibly long, and I would like to take the time right now to thank each and every artist who made that trip, or even just called in, for making The Adam B Experience what it was. I would also like to thank DJ Cue for giving me my start in radio by asking me to be the co-host of In Da Mixx back in 2003.

There have been a lot of highlights from my five years at WVOF. There was the infamous Vinnie Scullo call in while Hushh in the studio with me. There was the time Charlie Murphy called in to promote an upcoming gig he had in CT and we ended up talking about CB4. There was the soon to be legendary show I just had this past July 4th with Chaz Kangas where we did a half hour tribute to BET Uncut. There was there interview where DJ Halo, Slug (from Atmosphere) and I dove into a depth of toilet humor rarely heard before. I could go on for days.

Thankfully, despite the huge mistake WVOF has made in taking both me and DJ Halo off the air (that’s right, Subways and Sidewalks got the boot, too), The Adam B Experience WILL live on. Little did I know the popularity of the show had spread pretty far and wide and upon hearing the news that I would no longer be on the FM dial Flash over at RapReviews.com immediately hit me up to talk to me about doing a podcast for the site.

To make a long story short, starting next month I will be doing bi-weekly podcasts that will be available exclusively at RapReviews.com. Each show will be around an hour in length so they’ll be quick to download and you’ll be able to burn the entire show onto a CD and put it in your car. The content of the show will remain the same, really dope independent artists, most of whom have been Artists Of The Week right here at Adam’s World. With RapReviews’ large audience already knowing me from my work doing all the interviews over there moving The Adam B Experience to the site was a no-brainer. Now all the fantastic artists I’ve been exposing the Fairfield community to will be getting some exposure on a more global level. In other words, WVOF’s loss is everyone else’s gain.

Before I start podcasting, however, I would like to thank all of my longtime listeners and fans for tuning in, calling in, and showing up during my WVOF years. I hope you enjoy tonight’s show. Tah is one of a handful of people who have been down from the start (in fact, he took the picture that’s at the beginning of this blog post a few years ago during a guest appearance on the show) and I’m honored to have him as my guest for my final show on WVOF.

For those of you who are in need of another Adam B Experience, tomorrow night I’m hosting an amazing concert at Cousin Larry’s (1 Elm Street, Danbury, CT) with Louis Logic, Sketch Tha Cataclysm, Lauren Ianuzzi, Homeboy Sandman and DJ Halo. It’s only $5 at the door (ages 21+). The festivities start at 9pm.

WVOF may be going in a new direction, but thanks to a partnership with RapReviews.com The Adam B Experience lives on!
posted by Adam Bernard @ 7:50 AM  
  • At 10:49 AM, Blogger Hex said…

    Congrats on getting picked up -- that's awesome!

  • At 12:01 PM, Blogger Lee said…

    Keep it moving and congrats on the web show!

  • At 5:48 PM, Blogger Red said…

    I can't believe it - The Adam Experience on RapReviews.com? That must be great news. Kudos to Flash when he reads this.

  • At 12:17 PM, Blogger Adam Bernard said…

    Thanks for all the props. Now it's time for me to dole out some of my own.

    Thank you to everyone who tuned in, called in, and showed up last night. My final show at WVOF was absolutely amazing. I took over the airwaves for FOUR HOURS (7:15pm - 11:15pm).

    Joining me in-studio were Tah Phrum Duh Bush, Demostina and Conscious, the latter being a HUGE surprise since I thought he was going to be out of town this weekend.

    The list of callers was a veritable who's who of underground / indie Hip-Hop and I want to shout out Sketch Tha Cataclysm, Dyalekt, Kameko, Bear Frazer, Polarity Plus of Nervous System, Slim of Euphon, Super King Armor, Serious Black, Chadeo, Adeem, Substantial, Chaz Kangas, Mongo Maddness, Coole High and Status from Hushh for calling in.

    A special shout out to Lee, Lauren Ianuzzi and Norma Portillo who all hit me after the show because they couldn't call in during it.

    It was a truly amazing night made even more amazing by everyone who decided to be a part of it. Thank you all.

    The podcasts begin on RapReviews in September!

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