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Artist Of The Week – 8th W1
Monday, April 21, 2008

While some may have problems pronouncing his name (think Eighth Won), 8th W1’s goals are significantly less complicated. According to him he’s an emcee who does his best to make "good, honest, music." It’s as simple as that. The South Jersey native recently released lovemoneyandmusic and after seeing him perform at Crash Mansion on a bill that included two former Artists Of The Week, Homeboy Sandman and Kats, it was clear 8th W1 was in good company. Both his show and his album turned out to be great which is why I caught up with him this week to find out more about his music, why he creates it, and what brings out the angry little troll inside him.

Adam Bernard: Was it apparent from the start that you were going to be an MC?
8th W1: Well, I was always into being creative. I used to draw and all that, then I began writing poetry. Then I heard Wu-Tang Clan and wrote a rhyme. It's been a natural progression.

Adam Bernard: How long have you been recording and performing music professionally?
8th W1: That’s hard to say. I don't think anything has changed much from the days of rapping in my man Nas550's basement over Cool Edit. The toys have gotten a little more fancy, but I wouldn't call it “professional” recording. Half of lovemoneyandmusic was recorded in my boxers. (laughs) It’s been the same kind of progression with the shows. I went from the back of the school bus, to the lunchroom, to on top of the frat house tables kicking over beer cups and ping pong balls, to the stage. No matter how much I get paid there is nothing professional about what I do. As an artist you are either good or...

Adam Bernard: Ha ha, very true! So talk to me about your music. How would you describe it to someone who has never heard your album or experienced your live show?
8th W1: Good, honest, music. It's a return to the fundamentals of Hip-Hop, yet anyone can relate to it, you just have to listen. It's definitely not typical “dumb-down” rap, but it also isn't too hard for you to grasp and understand.

Adam Bernard: You named your album lovemoneyandmusic. Now, there could be a comma between Love and Money, but is there supposed to be? What’s the meaning here?
8th W1: It’s four separate words. They are the only three things that matter in this life, in my opinion. Love is everything. It's why we are here. It's what motivates us, etc. The money is a tool for our expression and progression of self. We live in America. Fuck you, pay me! Time is the ultimate commodity, but it is not as universal. Money is good anywhere. Music is the unstable word. I use it as a representation of our passions. Being that music is my passion and it is my CD, I choose that. I originally wanted to make the packaging so people could change the word to their choosing. Imagine lovemoneyandgardening, lovemoneyandskeetshooting, lovemoneyandpottery, lovemoneyanddonuts, and so forth. All in all, we move for those three things. We feel, we work and we dance.

Adam Bernard: Why aren’t you on any of the album’s artwork? Was this a conscious decision?
8th W1: I am more concerned with the brand than my own notoriety. I won't be here forever, but I am working for that logo to be here when I am gone so my successor can carry on the legacy. I am trying to create wealth for my family to come.

Adam Bernard: What influence do you hope to have with your work?
8th W1: I want to spread love. I want to have a positive role in your life as an entertainer/businessman. I am not raising anyone's children but my own, yet I must accept responsibility as a voice of the people for the people, so I don't want to make music that doesn't mean anything in the long run. I don't want to put my logo on anything that isn't of good quality. I hope to be an encouraging presence for people to search out what is truly best for them.

Adam Bernard: I saw you on a huge bill at Crash Mansion. I’m wondering, what kind of interesting interactions have you had with fellow MCs?
8th W1: It's all still fairly new to me. This is the first time that I can say I am around people who are going just as hard as I am. The camaraderie I am experiencing is beautiful. I have yet to run into a total asshole, or perhaps I have, I don't really pay any attention to them. I do find it funny when certain cats feel like they have something to prove when I am around. People say slick shit in a cypher and run away, or cats feel the need to rap my fuckin ear off about ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!! (laughs) It's flattering but geez.

Adam Bernard: Finally, if you worked with 9th Wonder what kind of math equation would that album title look like?
8th W1: I purposely shortened my name because there are a lot of 8th Wonders out there. I even changed the spelling to avoid such confusion. If you call me 8th W 1 I don’t even get mad at that, but when people still say 8th Wonder the little troll inside of me goes "where the fuck do you see ‘Wonder’ in that name?!?!” So, the title of me and 9th Wonder’s album would be He's the Wonder, I'm the W1.

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