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From A to B 90’s Style - Episode 1
Wednesday, January 16, 2008

As those who’ve tuned in to The Adam B Experience know, fellow superstar journalist Bear F’in Frazer and I have a segment we call From A to B where we discuss everything from celebrity news to our fearless entertainment related predictions. For 2008 we’ve decided to add blogging to the From A to B repertoire and will be doing a monthly co-blog that will be available both here on Adam's World and on Bear's MySpace blog involving our shared love of 90’s music and penchant for witty banter. Think of it as a nice cross between VH1’s “I Love The 90’s” specials and Beavis and Butthead. So click on a video, watch it along with us and enjoy the commentary. This month we're covering Len, Jordan Knight, Danzig and Duncan Sheik.

Adam Bernard: Let’s get this party started off right. My first song selection is Len's “Steal my Sunshine.”

Bear Frazer: "Steal My Sunshine" was awesome on so many levels. Like in the video, all these people are doing goofy dance moves in an airport and with that melody how can you not crack a smile?
Adam: I cracked a brew. This song was the soundtrack to A LOT of drinking back in my Hofstra days. The Go soundtrack was all I heard for months.
Bear: I drank a lot of two liter bottles of Pepsi to this song.
Adam: Lightweight. This is such a white boy springtime drinking song.
Bear: Well I was like 15. I don't think the cops would've been happy to see a 15 year-old, dancing like an idiot drunk.
Adam: True, though I wasn't 21 until the end of that year. I'm glad the chick spells “later” correctly in her verse.
Bear: That chick is fine. She's like Sporty Spice, before Sporty Spice. If she steals my sunshine I'll make it rain on her.
Adam: She'll accept the money, buy some beers and drink em with someone who isn't a lightweight.
Bear: Ha! This video is a time capsule because it reminds us of when Q-Zar was awesome and all those arcade places where you can beat a frog's head.

Bear: Time for my first song selection, Jordan Knight's “Give It To You.”

Bear: Jordan Knight, how do you know this girl? Have you been stalking her at the state fair?
Adam: Bear, do you remember our carefree days of tangoing at the carnival while hitting on the minimum wage workers there?
Bear: Well those were the only girls who liked me back then cuz I was fat and I could only get girls from third world countries... oh, and Spanish broads.
Adam: Fantastic.
Bear: This song is a classic. Singing a seductive song in front of a Ferris Wheel with a group of men. Now that's seductive for any straight girl.
Adam: It's a Ferris Wheel of funk
Bear: What's he trying to give that chick? Cotton Candy?
Adam: No man, "It,” a copy of the classic Stephen King thriller. I think she needs it for a book report or something.
Bear: Yeah, she probably isn't smart. I mean, she dresses sexy and in high school if ya dress sexy you're not brilliant.
Adam: The blatant anti-smoking message near the end is sweet. The New Kids still care!
Bear: Is it me, or does Jordan Knight seem gayer as this song goes on?
Adam: It's not just you.
Bear: Notice how when he is trying to seduce her with his robotic dance moves he stares at the camera and smiles? I think he is trying to seduce Adam B.
Adam: Wouldn't be the first time. I told you no means no Jordan Knight!
Bear: You heartbreaker.

Adam: Now let's get some rock up in here with Danzig’s "Mother."

Bear: Man, that guitarist looks like a mini Great Khali.
Adam: Yeah, plays about as many chords as Khali has moves. Hey Glenn open your fucking eyes, you're on camera here.
Bear: I know, talk about stage fright.
Adam: AAAH, close em! close em!
Bear: And he isn’t even looking into the camera! Didn't his mother teach him any manners!?!?
Adam: I love this song because in high school we used to call our priests "Father" the way he says "Mother."
Bear: Hahaha, nice. Why is he so angry?
Adam: I dunno, maybe he read his production budget for this video.
Bear: LMAO. That would explain a few things.
Adam: I'm convinced there's only one camera in use.
Bear: The song is awesomely bad, but his headbanging is just bad, and they sacrifice a chicken. That poor bird, it didn't have a chance. Glenn Danzig is a murderer!
Adam: He choked his chicken. (c'mon, ONE of us had to go there)

Bear: For our final selection I bring you Duncan Sheik’s "Barely Breathing."

Adam: I never realized how much Duncan Sheik resembled The Practice’s Dylan McDermott.
Bear: Nowadays, Duncan Sheik's career is barely breathing. Who is he looking at?
Adam: Jordan Knight.
Bear: Ohhh... makes sense. This video was very unique in the 90's. It must have been shot from the storage room of Friends. You know, where Lisa Kudrow buried her career.
Adam: Yeah, get Matt LeBlanc moving and onto the set of Lost in Space, we have to shoot a video here. You know, Duncan Sheik was always one of those artists who was good but you never liked because your girlfriend made you listen to him.
Bear: Don't lie, he had no other songs.
Adam: If he's barely breathing shouldn't he conserve that air and not sing so much?
Bear: Evidently, Duncan Sheik ushered in the emo movement with “Barely Breathing.”
Adam: I was about to say, he's so emo.
Bear: He really is.


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