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Happy Face / Frowny Face – Oct. Edition
Wednesday, October 31, 2007

From hot bi-sexuals “wookin pa nub” to my football team’s mediocre QB, it’s time for me to tackle the highs and lows of October.

Happy Face

A Shot at Love w/ Tila Tequila -
Reality dating shows can be some of the greatest pieces of entertainment on earth. Heck, I should know, I was on one and I was damned entertaining! What I love about Shot at Love is that 1) Tila is smokin hot, 2) the bi-sexuality aspect of it with her going after guys and girls, 3) how poorly scripted and non-believable some of the dialogue and situations are (“I set up a carnival in my backyard!” What!?!) and 4) the great job MTV did of casting some interesting characters, ridiculous Italian guy being a standout (“she wanted me to turn her on, so I put my balls in her face”) along with country boy (classic meltdown on this week's episode), preppie Johnny Knoxville and a number of the totally fake lesbians. This is the kind of show where you feel really bad for enjoying it until you realize everyone else is enjoying it, too. BTW – if you do an image search for Tila Tequila on Google and take Safe Search off you get some very interesting results.

KRS-ONE to be on Celebrity Fit Club– His stomach’s ova, his stomach’s ova HIS BELT! Every year VH1 gets at least one Hip-Hop artist on Celebrity Fit Club and this time around they’ve managed to convince one of the greatest of all-time to sign up for the experience. I applaud KRS for his effort to shape up, not just for his own health, but for the health of his peers. A lot of the 40 and up Hip-Hop crowd still looks up to KRS-ONE almost as a mentor and if you go to any old school Hip-Hop show you’ll see a lot of flabby guts hanging over belts. Here’s hoping they all take KRS’ lead once again, this time in the fight to stay fit. In regards to the actual show it should be fantastic television, especially the first time he gets into a fight drill sergeant Harvey Walden. The over under for how many times we hear “rap is something you do, Hip-Hop is something you live” is 17.

My Latest Right On! Article - I know most of my audience probably aren’t big Right On! readers which is exactly why I wanted to bring this up here. On November first the new issue will be hitting newsstands (Chris Brown is on the cover) and it features my three page article on the culture of female degradation that’s been created in America and how to curtail the trend (It’s Going Down, pages 80-82). I interviewed singers Kat DeLuna, Lil’ Mo and Jessi Malay, as well as motivational speaker and life coach Gail Kasper for the piece and I'm really happy with the final edit. Let me know if you get the chance to read it.

South Park - I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the absolutely brilliant “the terrorists have attacked our imagination and now our imagination is running wild” plotline on South Park. Sheer brilliance, and coupling it with the ridiculous “Kyle must suck Cartman’s balls” subplot makes it even better. Once again South Park has re-set the standard for all cartoons.

Frowny Face

Eli Manning –
As a third generation Giants fan nothing makes me happier than seeing them kicking ass this season. Their 6-2 start has been completely unexpected, but the play of Eli Manning has been so erratic and so lackluster that I simply cannot find a way to throw my support behind him. I want him out. He can only play well using the play action pass and his 58 yard passing performance against one of the worst defenses in the league this past weekend was stomach turning. He overthrew a wide open Amani Toomer in the end zone and still makes errors in judgment that many would consider “rookie mistakes.” Since the Giants have him for one more year I say find a QB in the 5th or 6th round of next year’s draft and take a year to groom him. Draft some potential late round gems and see if one can take over. Eli is not the answer. We’re winning despite him, not because of him and in a league where the salary cap is so tight it makes sense to find a cheaper alternative who can just as well if not better.

The Colorado Rockies - Maybe it was the nine day layoff in-between the NLCS and the World Series, but boy did they stink up the place. This may go down as the worst World Series ever and that’s saying something. A buddy of mine who’s an Indians fan asked me to admit that I felt my Mets were better than either NLCS team. After seeing what the Rockies did in the World Series I’d have to say hell yes. Even the end of the year, give up seven runs a game, Mets were better than the World Series version of the Rockies. Blech.
posted by Adam Bernard @ 7:56 AM  
  • At 12:27 PM, Blogger Lady Chavez and Fluffgirl said…

    we don't have TV so we didn't know about the KRS thing...I think something inside of us died a little reading this in a "he's way too cool to go out like that" kind of way

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