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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

He has one of the hottest songs in the world right now, which is ironic since its chorus deals with the chilly concept of having an “Ice Box” where his heart used to be, and he just finished up filming his latest movie, Reggaeton. At the ripe old age of 22 Omarion is poised to be on top the entertainment world. This week I caught up with him to discuss his current projects, what’s really in his “Ice Box,” and whether or not he’d accept the deal to pose nude for Playgirl that his brother turned down.

Adam Bernard: First thing's first, the “Ice Box” single is blowin up, I can't even turn on the TV without seeing the video. How did the collaboration with Timbaland come about?
Omarion: It’s really interesting how that record came about. The album was done, we had closed the record and everything. It was like, OK we’re done with the album, what else are we going to do? We’re going to get ready for the next single because we already had a date on that. From then on we reached out to Timbaland’s people and I told my boy I said if this goes down then I know it’s big. Sure enough we got with Timbaland, we did “Ice Box” and we did another record called “Beg For It” that’s on the album.

Adam Bernard: The lyrics are pretty intense, have you ever felt that way about a woman?
Omarion: Oh yeah, it’s authentic. “Ice Box” is a personal experience, and in addition to that single my whole album is just true. I’m in that stage where I want to be in control, I want to say yes or no, I want to feel like people respect me and respect my opinions. It’s not like I haven’t been doing this for a lot of years now, since I was 14 or 15 years old.

Adam Bernard: If you really had an ice box where your heart used to be what would be in it?
Omarion: Probably some sorbet, raspberry sorbet. Probably some turkey meat, broccoli, and what else… I think I’d put in some Push-Ups.

Adam Bernard: The “Ice Box” single is off of your latest album, 21, which debuted at #1 when it was first released. As an artist do you religiously check the charts every week or would that make you completely insane?
Omarion: As an artist I look at the charts. I make sure that I’m staying up on where I’m going, what’s happening.

Adam Bernard: So when you see an album debut at #1 with only 60,000 copies sold, like we had a few weeks ago, does that depress the hell outta you?
Omarion: Well it doesn’t depress me, but it definitely helps me understand where the industry is nowadays. People don’t really go out and buy albums, they go on iTunes and if they like one song they can buy one song. Truthfully, with Tower closing and being the market is really horrible, we’re just waiting for the next bright idea person to come up with venue where people have to purchase the album. It was so exciting back in the day to hear bout an album coming out, you’d go to the store, look in the cover, see who wrote the songs, look at their thank yous, stuff like that, but apparently you can now get that all on the internet. I don’t know, it’s a difficult time.

Adam Bernard: Did you name your album 21 because you just knew it would be at least one better than Janet Jackson's 20?
Omarion: (laughs) Actually you know I came up with that title before… no I’m just joking. The reason why I named my album 21 is that it’s such a milestone in everyone’s life that everyone can connect with. When you’re younger than 21 you want to be 21, when you’re older than 21 you remember what 21 was like and I just thought it was a great number, I mean it’s blackjack. I went to Vegas myself and gambled a little bit, so yeah, 21’s a dope age.

Adam Bernard: Is it true you beefed with Bow Wow? What was up with that?
Omarion: For a second we were upset at each other, but you know friends, like most friends are, but we’re fine. We were upset at each other for a while, but it’s all good.

Adam Bernard: Your brother, Marques Houston, turned down quite the offer from Playgirl. Would you ever consider a million dollar offer from them?
Omarion: Nah. Nuh uh. I don’t think I would ever pose nude. I think it’s more liberating for women for some reason. I don’t think people get off on, I mean don’t get me wrong, maybe for women, but as a male amongst men, my guy friends, it’s never been about like “yo, I wanna do Playgirl.”

Adam Bernard: That is true, culturally it’s never been anything that we’ve cared about.
Omarion: Exactly. For women it is, so it’s different, but nah, I wouldn’t do it.

Adam Bernard: That’s a lot of money to say no to.
Omarion: Yeah, but money isn’t everything, you have a reputation. You gotta think, "well, is this gonna last me for the rest of my life?" That’s money. That’s real money. A couple of million, that’s cool, but that can only last you for a little while. When you’re in a different tax bracket you spend differently and your bills are different, so really a million dollars is nothing when you have a pretty major lifestyle.

Adam Bernard: So other than the lifestyle what do you feel some of the biggest differences are between the artist you were back in B2K and the artist you are now?
Omarion: Just the experience. The humbleness. That’s something always feel is great to have because I say if you keep a lot of humbleness if you happen to not sell a record, or if you happen to fall on your face one day, it’s not like you were going around telling everybody I told you so, or had that attitude of well I’m better than him.

Adam Bernard: I know you also just finished filming your latest movie. Tell me a little bit about the project.
Omarion: The film is called Reggaeton and we ended it at the end of last year. It’s a great film and I think I’m really showing my range as an actor, I’ve got a little crying scene, a little lovemaking scene, so it should be pretty interesting.

Adam Bernard: Who’s the actress you have the lovemaking scene with?
Omarion: The actress is a new young actress, her name is Zulay Henao. Right along with her I have Giancarlo Esposito in the film, Victor Rasuk. It’s a pretty good cast.

Adam Bernard: Finally, if you were to be wrongly connected with any female in the tabloids who would you like it to be and why?
Omarion: Let me think of something interesting. I would say me and Madonnna. Truthfully, for the younger crowd and for the young people, they already pretty much have their own things going on, but actually I respect Madonna.

For more Omarion check out omariononline.com and myspace.com/omarionofficial.


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