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Friday, February 09, 2007

Fashion Week is a time in New York City when everyone who is anyone in the fashion industry floods Manhattan to show off their latest and greatest designs and products. Since it’s also the middle of winter, Fashion Week often doubles as frozen week, which happened to be the case this past Tuesday when I went into the city to interview Erika Jayne at The Daily Suite event at Night Hotel. Walking down the streets of NYC one thing was apparent, no matter how many designers may be in town, when it’s four degrees layers is the true hot look. Once I finally made my way to the spot the event was also a hot look and Erika turned out to be a hot interview. How else would you describe a model / singer who was at the last USC-Notre Dame game and can quote Rick Ross lyrics? Before I could interview her, though, I had to survive the walk to the hotel.

As quickly as I could I made my way down the frozen streets of New York City, eventually being greeted by a welcome blast of warm air when entering the Night Hotel. I suddenly didn’t care how disheveled I may have looked, and believe me I looked quite the mess, I was happy to be inside and away from the cold. After looking at myself in the mirror and saying “F it, it’s winter and I don’t care,” up to the penthouse I went to see what the day had to offer. As soon as I got off the elevator I was greeted by one of my contacts who grabbed me a quick drink and helped me make my way around the vast, multi-level, suite.

I was informed Erika was running late, but that was really no problem since I was early. Cygalle was running a day spa for all the press people in one area so I took off my coat and sat down for a nice free massage (no, your boy Adam did not get a manicure. Never have, never will). After I netted myself some dope post-massage freebies Erika arrived and was ready for our interview. At the time I thought I’d just be speaking with her in a private room for ten minutes or so. Turns out it was a little bit bigger than that.

Erika and I sat down smack in the middle of the spa and started talking. Being extremely personable, she was easy to get along with and the interview flowed well. Then the cameras came in. Three professional cameramen were getting video and a number of photographers were taking shots, as well. I have to admit, when the flashes started going off I was like “what the heck is going on here?” I got through the rest of the interview, but wasn’t sure how well it went until I listened back to it the next day. Turns out it went really well, and Erika Jayne is one heck of a woman.

Yes, Erika has the model / singer thing going for her, but what really floored me was that she had that rare combination of having Too Short, Mike Jones and Rick Ross in her car’s CD player while also being a hardcore sports fan who attends numerous college football games a year. She also revealed that she has a healthy appreciation of pro wrestling. To add to all this her godfather is Tom Paciorik, who happend to play pro baseball for a number of years. Perfect? Not quite. Sadly, being that she’s from Atlanta she’s a Braves fan, and as all us Mets fans know, Braves fans have no souls (sorry, Erika, but you had to know that would come up eventually. Ha!).

After the interview I had someone take a picture of the two of us and then one of the photogs asked to take a few of us, as well. I felt really important for a few flashes of the camera and then I was on my way back to the train station to head home. On the train I investigated all the schwag I was coming home with. Shout outs to Cygalle for the very nice gift box which, since I have no girlfriend, will be a fantastic birthday present for my mom, and Big Machine Media for the iPod Shuffle (Hey Donnell, you can calm down now, I finally have an iPod, bro). Also deserving of mentions are Sole Kings for the much needed shoe insoles, Bond No. 9 for the perfume sample, Village Candles for the scented candle and NV, the diet pills Carmen Electra is the spokesperson for, who were also giving out samples. I actually had a great conversation with the guy in the NV room because he, like I, was a work out freak. Other than the guy in the NV room, however, I think I was one of only a handful of straight males in the place. Yeah, lots of beautiful women, lots of free stuff and I was one of the few straight men there. Can you say “happy place?”
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