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Artist Of The Week – Crew54
Monday, January 22, 2007

Crew54 may be from Texas, but they’re nothing like the state’s previous Hip-Hop offerings. Brought together by a want to make “feel good music,” the duo of G-Christ and masterOFself are looking to bring a little positive fun to Hip-Hop. Recently Crew54 released their first full length album, Beaters & Babies, and this week I’m sitting down with them to discuss their unique sound, how it fits into their hometown’s Hip-Hop scene, and what makes a song “feel good music.”

Adam Bernard: First thing's first, how did you two link up?
G-Christ: We met through a mutual friend. At the time we were only with our groups, MOS with M7 and me with the Texas Immigrants. We found out we stay literally around the corner from each other and started chopping it up. MOS did a feature on a Texas Immigrant track and every since then it’s been on and poppin.
MOS: I was surprised that someone from this town liked the same music that I did. We both were big on Little Brother at the time. I had a beat that I asked him to get on with me, “Street Soul.” When it came out so lovely we both knew right then that something special was going on. We started doing shows together, but it was a split set, he would do Texas Immigrant songs, and I would do masterOFself songs, till I joked around with the idea of creating a crew and he took the idea and ran with it. We started this out of a mutual respect for what we do, so it wasn't like we were leaving our own crews, it was more of a building of an entire network.

Adam Bernard: You've described your work as feel good music, in fact you even have a track on Beaters & Babies titled "Feel Good Music." What is feel good music to you and why do you feel it's important that you get it out there?
G-Christ: Man, feel good music is inspirational music. When you wake up early in the morning, tired as hell, you can throw it on and get your day started right. It's not going to get you ready to fight or have you walking around angry, it’s just going to make you smile and rock out with it. There is very little music that just makes you feel good, it’s either murder music, pimp shit, or extra revolutionary shit. Feel good music is music for people that just like to chill and bump good music.
MOS: And I love that track! We have people who don't even really listen to Hip-Hop bumping that track around here. Little kids, old folks, and just regular ass folk can throw on Beaters & Babies, put that “Feel Good Music” on and get their head bobbin. Cats are always talkin bout recreating the Golden Era or whatever, we’re just trying to take what we are doing now and make it hot.

Adam Bernard: What other concepts and topics did you look to address on Beaters & Babies?
G-Christ: Really we’re just feeling the vibe of each track and session. It's well rounded, there’s something on there for all types of listeners. We got songs about grinding, inspirational stuff, backyard barbeque music, and even something on there for the ladies.
MOS: Yeah, we really tried to showcase ourselves on this album. Listen to Beaters & Babies and you will really know mos and G-Christ. Everyone I know has different aspects to them, it’s not just one thing every day all day, and that’s what we tried to get across. Sometimes we want to get a drink and chill, sometimes we want to wild out and act a fool. It’s all there.

Adam Bernard: You're from Texas, which has a legendary Hip-Hop scene, dating back to artists like The Geto Boys. Where does Crew54 fit into Texas’ Hip-Hop scene?
G-Christ: Being in Texas you have a diverse Hip-Hop scene. Some shows will be all dirty dirty south type shit and other shows will be extra backpack underground type of stuff. When we go out to perform we’ll usually be the only ones on the bill performing the type of Hip-Hop we do, but we show and prove, leaving with fans every time.
MOS: And being in Texas right now most people associate you first with the Houston sound that blew up recently. We love that shit, bump it all the time, but it’s not really how we put it down. Also doing a lot of shows in Austin, which has a large college music scene, you get a lot of people wanting the extreme opposite. We really lay in the middle ground, but we bring it from every direction.

Adam Bernard: Finally, hit me with your favorite moment of being an MC so far.
G-Christ: "Street Soul." That was my favorite moment as an MC because up until then I didn't feel like I was ever on a track that was so complete from beginning to end. At that time Texas Immigrants were compromising on tracks, trying to find a good sound, instead of it just feeling natural. When MOS and I did “Street Soul” each part fit so perfectly, everything we both brought to the table was used, nothing was left out. I felt like I didn't have to hold myself back to make someone else happy, it made me step my shit up from there on out.
MOS: For me, it has to be the shows that we do. We’re trying to bring back the excitement of live shows that the game is missing right now. We go to a lot of shows were these dudes are on stage really uninterested in themselves and the crowd ain't feeling them either. When Texas Immigrants go on, or anyone from the M7 Movement rock, it’s pure energy from start to finish. G-Christ and I just take it to that next level. Most guys have an ego problem where they would love to be on a set with four wack acts, so they could shine. We hate it We want to rock with the best cuz we feel we can hang, we want that chance to show and prove.

You can check out Crew54 showing and proving on MySpace at myspace.com/crew54 and take a listen to their individual groups at m7music.com and myspace.com/texasimmigrantrecords.


posted by Adam Bernard @ 8:08 AM  
  • At 1:07 PM, Blogger Sherril said…

    I am glad you agree with many of us in Texas Adam.... these guys are awesome and very deserving of your artist of the week spot. CREW54 has our hearts out here, and we know they have ours as well. They prove it with every track and every performance.

  • At 5:38 PM, Blogger jen c said…

    Beaters and Babies is hott. I can listen to it now matter who is in my presence. Seeing Crew 54 live at a performance is a whole other experience. They raise the level of energy anywhere they perform and always aim to please.

  • At 7:30 PM, Blogger Mandana said…

    Beaters and Babies is my coffee in the morning. I am walking around smiling with lots of energy. During the day they raise my energy level and give me the strenght to move and let me stay calm in every situation. They are good performers and they have my full support. This Crew is hot and they have proven to steal our hearts away with their “Feel Good Music”. They deserve beeing in your artist of the week spot!

  • At 9:57 PM, Blogger Mizz Nikki said…

    Hey Adam, Crew54 is the greatest thang since Jello, fa reals! Both these guys are so talented that I am always in awe at their shows. They never cease to amaze me, with each show it's something new. As they say, Crew54 is a start of a legacy, and thas tru talk! Beaters & Babies in my opinion, and lots of others that I associate with, is the Best CD to drop of '06. I listen to these songs non-stop. Anyone who has not heard it should definately cop it, and if you've never seen them perform live, you have no idea of what you're missing! Crew54 is definately a great inspiration to Hip Hop, and to anyone who is blessed enough to know and hear them!

  • At 10:09 AM, Blogger tremacmurray said…

    Great Interview, I have performed with Crew54 many times and what they say about the energy is very true! They are the ones that always gets the crowd to the front of the stage and moving around and besides that their album is hot front to back. I dont listen to alot of Hip-Hop, but I dont have to skip any of the tracks on the album. And to add to that they are awsome dudes in general.

  • At 12:07 AM, Blogger Miss Cookie said…

    I don't think there is much left to say about these dudes! Serious, if you see a Crew54 (pronounced crew- five- four) show in your area... You Definately want, no need to check that out! Well, if you love hip-hop shows that aren't boring that it is. I love the article because I think everyone needs some "feel good music" in their life every now and then...whether you're killing fools on the block, grinding, pimping or snapping ya fingers..every now and then you all need to FEEL GOOD AND KEEPING SHINING!

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