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NFL Preview ‘06
Friday, September 01, 2006

The preseason is finally over. T.O. finally found his way onto a practice field, Big Ben is off his motorbike, and the Redskins are still finding ways to overpay mediocre players. On September 10th the NFL season begins, but today I give you the official Adam’s World 2006 NFL Season Predictions. Over my years of prognostications I’ve done everything from pick the Super Bowl correctly in the preseason to being so far off base it’s been hilarious. Here’s hoping I’m the former rather than the latter this year, especially because this will be up for everyone to see!

NFC East – The Giants won the East last year without much trouble, this year they may have some competition, however. With T.O. becoming a Cowboy Dallas seems ready to be a team to contend with this year. Of course, if T.O. gets moody, or if Bledsoe gets old, count them out immediately. Washington continues to spend tons of money on all the wrong players and the Eagles look mediocre at best. Winner: Giants Wildcard: Cowboys

NFC North – The North is one of those divisions that proves parity isn’t necessarily a good thing. There are a lot of average looking teams here. Chicago has a great defense but no QB. Green Bay has a great, although aging, QB, with nothing around him. And Minnesota is busy making sure no one goes on any sex cruises. The real winners in this equation could end up the revamped Lions who have former All-Pro Jon Kitna at QB and Mike Martz as their new offensive coordinator. Winner: Lions

NFC South – Michael Vick and Reggie Bush are two of the most exciting players in the game. That being said Bush will probably make it to a Super Bowl before Vick does and that’s saying a lot being that Bush is on the Saints. If the Saints or Falcons sniff .500 they should consider themselves lucky. Tampa Bay will be relying on Chris Simms to run the offense, which could work out fine in a few years, but he needs some time develop. Carolina is far and away the class of this division with Jake Delhomme throwing to Steve Smith and now Keyshawn Johnson. Winner: Panthers

NFC West – There was once a time when the 49ers ruled this division with an iron fist. Now they are nothing more than a punchline, and a punchline about a QB with supposedly tiny hands at that! St. Louis goes nowhere without Martz running the offense (and did even less with him running the entire team). Seattle retains the division title fairly easily here, though look for Arizona to make a dent in the competition with Edgerrin James now on the team. Winner: Seahawks Wildcard: Cardinals

AFC East – The Pats are the Pats, but Miami is greatly improved. If Duante Culpepper shows any sign of returning to being the QB he once was the Dolphins could be a very good team. The Bills and Jets seem to be competing to see who can grab Brady Quinn in next year’s draft. Winner: Patriots Wildcard: Dolphins

AFC North – Baltimore may have made a huge mistake by acquiring injury prone QB Steve McNair. Kyle Boller was turning into a solid QB at the end of last season, averaging nearly 240 yards passing in his last four games, and this will only stunt his growth. The champion Steelers lost a number of important role players, including Jerome Bettis and Antwan Randle-El, but should still contend for a playoff spot. The Bengals look to be the class of the AFC North this year, however, as with a healthy Carson Palmer manning the offense Cinci looks ready to take the next step in their development. Cleveland is still nothing to worry about. Winner: Bengals Wildcard: Steelers

AFC South – Count out Tennessee right off the bat. Houston is not a contender either, but they will show some growth and improvement as a team. Jacksonville is not a legit contender either barring a huge jump in progress from Byron Leftwich. All this leaves us with is the Colts, who could win this division with their eyes closed. Rhodes and Addai will be adequate at RB and Peyton Manning will be Peyton Manning. Nuff said. Winner: Colts
AFC West – Everyone loves to jump on the Broncos bandwagon, but Jake Plummer will never be an elite QB so forget about them. At best they’ll have a good regular season, at worst Plummer will throw 25 INTs and be pulled as starting QB. The Chargers let go of a proven star in Brees to start a guy who’s never started a single NFL game in Rivers. The Raiders inked a solid QB in Aaron Brooks, but are still ready to implode at any point in time. All the while the Chiefs will sit back and laugh all the way to the division title. Herm Edwards will have the Chiefs playing defense for the first time in ages and LJ and Trent Green will provide him with all the offense he needs. Good googly moogly indeed! Winner: Chiefs

Playoffs – I’m taking the Panthers over the Seahawks in the NFC and the Chiefs over the Bengals in the AFC, setting up a Carolina vs. Kansas City Super Bowl. Herm may do a great job with the Chiefs, but the Panther D will prove to be too much as Carolina will take home the Lombardi trophy (and Lord only knows what their cheerleaders will take home!). Super Bowl XLI: Carolina 24 – Kansas City 17
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