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The Juggaknots Use Their Confusion
Friday, September 15, 2006

Last night I was back in NYC again, this time for The Juggaknots Use Your Confusion listening party at the Aurora Gallery. Originally I was unsure whether or not I was going to be able to make it in, but, as stated in previous posts, if one wants to make it anywhere in life they have to get out there and make those connections themselves, and besides, I really dig the Aurora Gallery and remembered how many good looks the last event I went to that was held there (Boot Camp Click listening party) netted me. So DJ Halo and I jumped into his car early Thursday evening and made our way to the city (and no NYC police, we’re not paying that parking ticket).

The Aurora Gallery was set up in much the same was as it was for the BCC event, unfortunately it was raining off and on so we couldn’t really utilize the outdoor loft for the first hour or so. Eventually the night cleared up, though, and we all made our way out into the crisp nearly fall New York night. The Juggaknots were all in attendance and were all extremely personable. I had separate conversations with each member and DJ Boo hooked me up with a mix-CD. What kind of blew my mind was the number of people who knew who I was based on my work. I never expect anyone to read a byline so I go into every event expecting to have to explain who I write for to every person. Jay over at Amalgam Entertainment threw all that out the window, however, completely shocking me after I introduced myself. I said “Hi, I’m Adam Bernard” and before I could get out “I’m a writer from” he completed the sentence saying “oh you’re Adam Bernard from Elemental! You’re one of the people I really wanted here.” Now he could have said that second part to every person in the party and I would have been cool with it, the fact that he knew one of the mags I write for blew me away and showed a level of knowledge about me that I’m not used to, but apparently I should get used to. Similar instances happened during the Justin Timberlake party last week where I would introduce myself to a contact and they’d reply “oh you’re Adam Bernard! I get your emails. It feels like I already know you!” I guess all the hard work really is paying off.

While my mind was wrapping itself around the idea that people knew me I chilled, had a few drinks, and listened to Use Your Confusion as people came in, milled about, and made connections. My personal favorite song on the album is actually the title track, “Use Your Confusion,” which features a dope old school Spanish guitar in the intro leading up to a haunting chorus where we are pleaded with to use our confusion. Overall, from what I heard the album seems pretty enjoyable. There was never a time when my head jerked, or I made a screw face like “what’s that?!?!” I caught a few lyrics that let me know there are songs on the album that have some meaning to them, and also songs that are there for the sake of fun. Anyone who’s been reading me recently knows that I’m completely down for the fun aspect of music right now, so I was definitely into the funkier beats that were being blasted from the stereo system at the Aurora Gallery.

Little did I know that The Juggaknots would end up pulling in quite a few big names to their album listening party. Def Jux’s DJ Big Wiz was in the house and I caught a hilarious conversation he and DJ Halo were having about a certain line of Vestax turntables that seem to have a mind of their own. Sadat X rolled through at around 10pm to say what’s up and we networked both with him and the folks from Female Fun Records who rolled in with him. SubCon was the next Hip-Hop celeb to stop by. I’ve interviewed him a few times for various publications so it was good to link up with him in person. Finally, Louis Logic made an appearance as we were leaving for the night. He introduced himself to me simply as Louis, and before I could even come close to putting two and two together we were gone, so unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to really speak with him.

Overall it was a very enjoyable night and an equally enjoyable album. Big ups to Jay and everyone at Amalgam for putting on a great, laid back, event. I expect to be interviewing The Juggaknots in the coming weeks. For news on when that interview, and all my other print and online work, will be coming out just sign up for the email list.
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