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Artist Of The Week – Nervous System
Monday, September 04, 2006

Tracy (manager) w/ NS - Sol Storm, Eclipse and Polarity Plus

A little over a year ago Nervous System was generating a nice buzz in Connecticut. The trio of Polarity Plus, Sol Storm and Eclipse were packing clubs all over the state, and even a few in NYC. They opened shows for John Legend and Talib Kweli and seemed to be well on their way. Something happened on the way to worldwide fame, however, they disappeared amid rumors of a break up. This week I caught up with Polarity Plus to discuss the breakup rumors, including who they were started by, the dangers of working with the wrong people, and what the group is working on now.

Adam Bernard: There was a rumor going around a little while back that you three had broken up. Was there any truth to that rumor? Was there a break up and subsequent getting back together?
Polarity Plus: There was never any break up. That rumor was brought on by Shorty and the Beast (Keith & Meredith), they run Exotic Recordings A.K.A. Racist Records. They put out our first record and after we left them due to both of them stealing our money they were very upset, so they started a rumor that we broke up. But Nervous System is here and very strong, we ain’t going nowhere.

Adam Bernard: As you mentioned, for your first album you were on a small local label, now you're going the independent route. What have some of the differences been in the recording process this time around?
Polarity Plus: The only difference is location. Since we got with our manager we have been recording in NYC, Manhattan, and when we are not there we are recording at my studio. As far as going indie, Exotic is an indie label so there was really no change going from them to where we are at now.

Adam Bernard: When you listen to your current work who do you envision being Nervous System's fan base? Do you think it will change at all?
Polarity Plus: Well our fan base has always been people from all walks of life. We can touch everybody like that. Our new material is a lot more Hip-Hop then our first record because we can do as we please, we can be ourselves. With our first record we were not able to be ourselves, they (Exotic) didn't want us to be an all out Hip-Hop group. Meredith said and I quote "We must go with the white side of Hip-Hop and not the black side." I guess to her that meant not going with more rugged music and harder lyrics, but what she didn't understand was that's us, that’s Nervous System, we are Hip-Hop, we are rappers. People who are their close friends would say to us "you guys are too good for Exotic they aren’t Hip-Hop, they don’t understand," and they were right.

Adam Bernard: Now that you’re off of that label what's the ultimate goal you have for yourselves as artists?
Polarity Plus: We have a lot of goals. Right now we are getting ready to drop an EP, Shell Shocked, and take that to a level that Controlled Substance, our first record, could not get us to. We have already generated a lot of interest at Atlantic, Interscope, and almost had a deal with Warner Bros. We are not worried at all, we love this rap shit. We believe the next full album we drop will be on a major label or a label with major distribution. You will see us on tour and you will see us doing major events.

Adam Bernard: I love the confidence! Finally, with two guys and one girl is Sol Storm having to "man up" or are you and Eclipse getting more in touch with their "feminine sides?"
Polarity Plus: Oh you got jokes! We are still the same. Eclipse is still rugged and letting people know we ain’t fooling around. Storm is still hangin with the fellas (me and Eclipse). She is a hardcore emcee but she is a lady, so when you hear tracks like "Ruff Sex" on our new E.P. she sings the hook and it’s very lady like…. in a porno type of way. And me, I’m still calling women bitches and calling out these niggas who act like bitches. And after all that people still consider us the best Hip-Hop group in CT!

MySpace: http://myspace.com/nsnervoussystem

Management: http://omeginc.com


posted by Adam Bernard @ 8:55 AM  
  • At 4:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Just saw a nervous system show this past friday and it don't look like they were out of the loop at all... they killed it. i'm just waiting for the album

  • At 4:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Keep doing your thing NS. CT is behind you and soon the world! [ROCDABLOC]

  • At 7:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I as well just saw the Nervous System on friday and I'm telling you the power and the confidence they had they are going to go places. They are going to blow up very soon.

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